A mailing list can help you connect with your clients with ease.  If you have already set up opt-in pages for your list, but your sign up rates are low, then consider these simple tips to increase opt in rates.

  1. Use a professional system

Organizing your mailing list will need you to seek services from providers like Mad Mimi, AWeber, or Profollow.  These tools are created by experts to let you have the freedom to manage your mailing list and improve your business’ promotional strategies.  The built-in functions of such professional systems will help you advertise your business further at very low (or sometimes no) costs.

2. Use a pop up window

Whether a prospective client has closed accidentally or intentionally his browser window, you must provide a means of not letting that customer go easily.  A pop-up window accomplishes this by giving you another chance to offer the target customer something that could be most favorable for him.  This way, your advertisement of the opt-in email list will not go unnoticed.Give away something of value for free

When customers opt in for your mailing list, they are already giving you something, which is information about them.  With this, you can return the favor by giving them something that would be of great value for them - free of charge.  Letting them realize that you are truly grateful for opting to join your mailing list could help you gain their trust.  In addition, customers will feel appreciated after receiving the free items that you will offer.

  3. Provide helpful and related content

The problem with some promotions that go alongside with an opt-in page for mailing lists is that, such advertisements seem to redundantly mention the phrase, “join now!” to their clients – without even giving the customers a reason why they should want to opt in for the list.  With this, you may avoid this common mistake by providing reliable information about your business to your customers. In that way, you will be able to realize and understand why they will need to be part of your mailing list.

  4. Give your customers full support

Use multiple forms of media within your opt-in page, but make your page layout as simple as possible.  Sometimes, customers find it too confusing when the page is flooded with too many texts or objects, so make sure to minimize the monotony within the page.  By making your page pleasing to the eye, your clients will definitely be most interested in checking it out and eventually joining your list for updates and other valuable information about your business.

Last but not least, letting your customers know about events or improvements related to your business can be easily achieved with the help of opt-in mailing lists.  This serves as your direct connection to your customers, and it will make you gain more information from them regarding what products or services they like and what they would want in the future.