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So the hot sticky days of summer is with us, it's time to view sunsets at 9 pm, take trips to the beach, and perhaps BBQ in your backyard every evening.  Many people look forward to this season to enjoy the warmth of the sun or to show off the body that they have been working on through the winter. However for those of you that despise ninety degree temperatures, this article will provide a few tips on how you can keep cool in the summer. 

Tip #1

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Of course we all know that when outside gets unbearable, nothing is more refreshing than running into a cool air conditioned room. Unfortunately, some people do not have the luxury of cooling off this way. In many cases, a trusty fan is the only option a person may have to beat the heat. However fans just push the hot muggy air around the room, offering little relief. Placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan will allow cool water droplets to evaporate in the room, cooling it. This make shift air conditioner will keep you comfortable and you won’t have to be driven into madness by the heat.

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In the summer months it can be really uncomfortable to sleep in a bed that is warm from the heating of the day. Not to worry, simply grab a spray bottle and fill it with cool water. Make sure the nozzle of the bottle is set to mist and spray it on your bed. After that you lay in your comfy bed, say ahhh, and get a good night’s rest. This trick will not soak your bed or ruin your sheets, remember the nozzle will be set to mist. The spray bottle can also be used to apply a cool mist to your body when not in bed.

Tip #3

Grab a towel or a t-shirt and soak it in a bucket of cool water. Retrieve the chosen item, twist out the water, and place it over your head or around your neck. The moisture on your skin will offer great relief. You can re-wet the item as it dries, however be careful not to use ice cold water as it will send your body into shock. In addition, you can run cool water on your wrists for about 20 seconds. Doing this should reduce your body temperature.

Tip # 4
During the day it will be best to keep your curtains or blinds closed. Since the sun’s rays won’t be able to get into your house, it will keep the area a few degrees cooler. You will also want to turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances as these can generate heat also.

Tip #5

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Nothing cools a body down faster than a cold glass or bottle of water. Drinking H2O replaces the fluids you lose during sweating and therefore prevents you from getting dehydrated. Try to stay away from sugary beverages and alcohol. These drinks will temporary keep you cool but they will accelerate your dehydration and make you even more thirsty, hot, and miserable.

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Tip #6A refreshing slice of watermelon or cantaloupe will do wonders to cool you and as an added bonus you will be getting your daily serving of fruit. For an extra kick, slice up the fruits and place them in the freezer. After an hour or so you will have a refreshing frozen piece of fruit yo enjoy. Pineapples, oranges, grapes, and raspberries are just a few fruits that are tasty frozen.

That's All Folks

So there you have it, a few innovative ideas that will help you keep cool in the summer. Hang in there, before you know it fall will be upon us.

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