Dogs are fun, loving, and energetic companions for humans to be around. They can bring your life much more joy and happiness and give you a best pal for years to come. Although dogs can be loving and fun to be around, if you don't give them the proper attention and care, then owning a dog can actually turn out to be a disaster for you! Read on as I give you tips and advice on how to keep your pet dog happy:

Step 1: You should be firm with your dog from the start. Everything should be on your terms. If you fail to show leadership with your pet dog, then it will assume a leadership role which is in it's nature and this could be disasterous for you and your household. So be firm and don't let your dog mistake your kindness for a weakness!

Step 2: Depending on the breed of your dog, it will need plenty of exercise. Some dogs require less exercise than others, it just depends on the breed you have. If you have a fairly active dog, then you want to let it run and take it on walks frequently to release some of its energy. If you don't, then beware. Your dog may release some of it's energy by tearing up pillows and shoes and by disrupting your household.

Step 3: You want to let your dog warm up to meeting new people. Do not overwhelm him by letting someone he or she doesn't know get in their face unless you are absolutely sure your dog is friendly with new people and won't start acting aggressive. Otherwise, be cautious when strangers come around your dog until the dog is comfortable with them.

Step 4: Allow your dog a comfortable place to sleep at and eat it's food at. You need to get your dog into a routine of spending most of time their and give it a place of solitude to go. This can be a cage or a den. This will help your dog feel safe.

Step 5: Remember to show your dog affection and love on a constant basis. Reward him or her for good behavior and reinforce good habits. Dogs love to please their owner so reward them for their good behavior.

Step 6: Lastly, try to make everything routine with your dog. Dog's love structure to their life and being led by their pack leader. You should try to feed them around the same time, walk them around the same time, and let them out to use the bathroom on a schedule. This gives them structure.

In conclusion, these tips will help you keep your dog happy and will reward with you with a loving companion for years to come. For more tips on how to train your dog and keep it happy as well as great training products and instructional books, click here. Good Luck!