ADHD can be a real problem and if unattended, can pose a serious threat to your way of life. Adults who have child onset ADHD have experienced it firsthand just how hard it is to be easily misunderstood by others. Sometimes one could ask oneself, “If I knew how to manage ADHD back then, life would have been much simpler.” Well it’s not like it’s too late to change, right?

Here are some tips that are going to be a big help to you guys.

 1.       Know your disorder, thoroughly.

Somemight have already said, “I want to get rid of this illness now!” at least once in their life. Sadly, that’s not going to happen since ADHD is incurable and persists through life. Now if your eyes went wide after reading that – I do hope not – then I guess you don’t know your disorder that much. Before learning how to manage your condition you must know first what your condition exactly is.

Look it up on the net or read in books, or even in articles. Get a grip on your situation and understand what your condition really is. It might be convenient for you to know that this disorder is categorized into 3 groups which have similarities in symptoms.

 2.       Be all ears and accept the truth.

Your loved ones know you as much as you know them. Hear them out; some people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are usually oblivious to their own condition.

 3.       Join ADHD support Groups

What better people to find information about your condition than the people who are actually experiencing it themselves? Sign up for ADDA or CHADD – ADD and ADHD support groups based in the US – and find some useful tips and information on how to make your life more pleasant.

4.       Don’t hate or be afraid of yourself 

Not everyone can accept the fact that they’ll be diagnosed with ADHD forever. Many have felt troubled by it and others even refused to accept it, saying that they’re just alright. Well one thing’s for sure: that condition of yours isn’t going away.

But don’t be afraid of yourself. There’s no need to be. Accept it and just be honest with yourself. Your family and your loved ones will love you just the way you are.

Hatred to yourself won’t do you any good too. ADHD is genetic, and we don’t have reset buttons on life. As I told you before, learn to accept everything about yourself.

 5.       Establish structure and boundaries

Always discipline yourself to putting limits to your actions. Make a daily planner and always bear in mind to follow it. It’s hard, especially if your hyperactivity or impulsivity kicks in, but try your best to do so. In time, you’ll slowly adapt to it and your mind will follow suit.

6.       Expect the inevitable

Sometimes, things just won’t go as we had planned. It happens – it’s part of life and it happens to everyone. All you have to do is to anticipate it and prepare for what comes next – be it good or bad.

This condition is incurable, yes. But if the one diagnosed with it has the knowledge to managing ADHD, one can learn to adapt and live life to the fullest.