Discount Logo Pens Make Great Gifts

If you are a small business owner, run a company or plan to start a new business, you might be looking to order custom logo pens online or to buy personalized business pens to advertise your company or business. This is an economical way to promote your corporate brand that is practical and will last a long time. People will keep promotional items on their person for months or even years if they like the product, they use it and its practical. Custom pens can help keep your business name close to your customers with a high quality business pen that they can use often. It is not unusual for a business pen to become a customer’s favorite pen to use, due to the way the pen write or feels. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take some extra time to choose a high quality, reliable pen that your customers will appreciate before you add your corporate name to it.

A quick online search for custom logo pens will put you in front of hundreds of pen companies competing for your business. Some of the larger promotional items companies will offer free business pens to those who sign up and request a free pen sample. The free logo pen will arrive, usually printed with your business logo or phone number for you to review and try out before you buy. If your free pen samples does not arrive with personalization, you will at least have the opportunity to try out the pen before ordering customized pens. Free pen samples may or may not be promoted on the pen website, so don't hesitate to ask for a free sample if it's not already offered.

Design Your Logo Pen To Reflect Your Company's Unique Personality

Take time to plan how you would like your pen to look. You need to decide if you would prefer light lettering on a dark pen background or dark lettering on a light pen background. You also need to choose what information you want on your pens. You can put a corporate slogan, business name, business phone number or any combination of these three things on your company pens. Most companies put the company name and phone number, while others prefer a simple logo. You can customize pens any way that you like, you can even have the ink color of your choice.

Some pen websites sell discount pens online to save you money and to ensure that you can stay within your advertising budget while getting the most bang for your buck. These discount pens come in a variety of shapes, sizes and quality specifications. There are round pens, click pens, logo stick pens and fancy corporate logo pens. If you purchase a large quantity, you can request wholesale pen prices to save you even more. Some companies have fountain pens embossed with corporate branding and give them as employee gifts. Fountain pens write beautifully and are made to last a long time. You can order them in basic black or blue ink or can opt for a more unique color, such as green, red or violet. Some fountain pens are refillable while others are not. 

Fancy corporate pen sets make great appreciation gifts for your best employees. These business promotional products will help your company name and brand stand out above the rest. Some online pen manufacturers offer matching promotional items like pen and highlighter sets or pen and pad sets that can be printed with your corporate logo. These make a unique and practical gift. You may also choose to highlight your company phone number on a pen so that your contact information is easily accessible to your customers when they need it. If your company contact information is close to your customer on your logo pen, you can bet that they will call you first.

Investing in corporate branding can be done economically and quickly and if done right, can offer a significant ROI (return on investment). It is a good idea to order a few to try them out before branding hundreds or even thousands or writing utensils to ensure that the feel and quality is exactly what you are looking for. Your pens can also be donated to local businesses who need them, which can help you spread your name even further. Pens are one of those things that you just can't seem to have enough of. Everyone will appreciate getting a pen, especially if it's a free pen that they can keep for themselves. Logo pens are some of the most economical, practical and useful gifts available.

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