Tips To Save Fuel With Hot Water Heating (39726)

Tips To Save Fuel With Hot Water Heating, will give the average homeowner a few ideas how to save some money throughout the heating season.

With todays economic conditions, any savings are a big plus to most families. Hot water heating systems are one of the most common forms of heating. Fuel efficiency ratings on this type of system is very high already, relatively speaking within the industry. Whether your system is fired by gas or oil, the same principles will apply when looking to cut your fuel consumption rate.

Starting With The Thermostat


Starting with the thermostat, your heating system receives a call when theStarting With The Thermostat rooms temperature drops below whatever the set point is in the room. If you keep the room set on seventy then the heating thermostat will call the zone when the room gets to about 68 or 69 degrees.

Your boiler starts and the pump forces heated water through the radiation. This circulation continues until the temp in the room comes back up to the nice 70 degrees you have it set for then the equipment shuts off and goes into standby to wait for the next call.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, turning the thermostat higher will not increase the speed which you receive the heat. These controls simply turn the heat on or turn the heat off. There is no ramping up if you push it to 90. The system will just keep running until it gets the room up to 90. It won't get to 70 any faster set on 90 then it will set on seventy.

The best way to operate a rooms thermostat for the average family that comes and goes all day is to find the lowest point that will satisfy everybody and leave it set on that temperature all the time. Turning a room down to 50 when you go to work for an eight hour shift is not recommended because the fuel it takes with this type of system to recover the room will exceed what it would take to simply maintain your desired temp. Several degrees for a little extra savings is OK.

Using programmable thermostats for savings can be good for people who are away for extended time periods as they can be set to come up right before we come home. Remember when setting your programmable thermostat that it will take several hours to recover ten degrees.


Windows And Doors Are Stealing Your Money

Windows And Doors Are Stealing Your MoneyWindows and doors are one of the largest heat loss areas within most homes. Stopping the large part of your heating budget from sliding out the old sashes and sills, is a good way to save some money.

Replacement windows are a great investment. The United States Federal government believes this so strongly that they offer a tax credit up to 1500 dollars to get new windows in your house. they must comply with a minimum energy rating or R factor.

Both doors and windows should be examined for any loose window panes or missing caulking or putty. Storm windows can be installed to help with older houses when updating windows may not be an option.



Lowering Water Temperatures At The Boiler And Water Heater

Lowering your boiler and water heater temperature settings can sometimes be an option for saving fuel with a hot water heating system. Normally hydronics run at around 200 degrees. If you live in an area where the winter months are not particularly harsh then you may be able to run your system lower.

Turn the boiler high limit down to 180 and see if your heating needs are satisfied. If they are then a significant amount of fuel can be saved because the burner will run less to achieve these lower temperatures.

This is also true with most hot water heaters. If you never run out of hot water, then you can probably make a little less. Turn down the high limit on the water heater. This saves fuel as well.

Maintaining Your Hot Water Heating System

Maintaining your hot water heating system will require a good cleaning and servicing once a year. This is very important because the efficiency of your burner will be tested by your serviceman and adjustments will be made. Boilers using gas or oil have combustion rates that are measured by expensive instruments to determine settings for fuel and air mixture. having this done at least once a year is always a good thing.

Allowing leaks to persist within a system of this type will cause excessive deterioration of all the non copper parts. This is the boiler and fittings, pumps valves and other elements that can't take the new minerals and corrosives that are constantly added when there is a leak. This type of system has an auto feeder that puts hard city water or well water back into it to replace what leaked out.

Make sure that when you have your annual service done any leaks present are repaired. This can save you not only a lot of money in the long run in repairs but maybe a cold night waiting for service in the middle of a harsh winter.

Tips To Save Fuel With Hot Water Heating, has shown you a few ways to save some money when your trying to heat your home. Take them to heart and your not only saving money but you'll be helping to save the world.

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