Cruising around the United States on a motorcycle can be a very fun way to see the United States and meet a huge variety of people. Traveling the United States on motorcycle can be very expensive if you are going out for an extended period of time but there are many ways you can save money to make your trip last longer.

Gas Mileage

Many motorcycles such as the Harley Davidson Sportster 883 get great gas mileage. You can expect to get 50 plus miles per gallon when riding a Harley Davidson Sportster 883. If your motorcycle is not tuned properly or the air intake is dirty this can easily drop you mpg by 5-10 percent. If you are traveling 300-500 miles per day for a few months then the increased fuel consumption will add a lot of money to your trip expenses.

Motorcycle TouringAlways take your bike to a properly trained mechanic and make sure any basic maintenance is done properly and on time. Another part of basic maintenance on your motorcycle is to make sure that you motorcycles tires are aired up to the manufacturers specifications. A tire that is lower on air then it should be will decrease your fuel economy.


Staying at a motel or hotel every night may be a nice luxury if you can afford it but hotel and motel costs will add more to your trip expenses then any other item. Save the motel stays for the occasional night when you want a fresh shower, some TV time, and maybe to get out of a bad rainstorm.

Camping at paid campground sites such as KOA is nice because generally it is cheaper than a motel and you have access to a shower. The problem with paid campgrounds such as the KOA is the costs will still add up fast if you are paying for a campground each night.

The best method to conserve money is to lay out your tent and sleeping bag where you will not have to pay. There are countless free areas to camp and you can find many of them on the internet bu the best way is to talk with the locals. Other places you can lay your tent for free is anywhere you can get permission too such as a farmers fields, a church, a persons back yard, a city park, or anywhere else that people will grant you permission to camp for the night as long as you ask and receive permission to camp there first.

If you are traveling all 50 states you are bound to have some nights when you may have to "Guerrilla Camp". Guerrilla camping is simply camping wherever you can and doing it discreetly. It may be just off of an old highway in some trees or anywhere else. Guerrilla camping is camping without permission and leaving early enough in the morning with nobody ever discovering you camped there.

Blogging and Article Writing

If you keep a blog or write articles about your adventures while you are out motorcycling our great Country then you can earn some additional money. Start a blog online and update it as often as possible with pictures. You can earn revenue with Google Adsense. Make some small business cards with your motorcycle adventure blog address and when you meet people give them the card. If you update your blog regularly you will get people that are following your adventures. The more people that read your blog the more money you can earn.

Writing articles about your motorcycle trip across the 50 states is similar to blogging. Instead of writing articles for your own blog you write articles for a site such as InfoBarrel. The great thing about writing for InfoBarrel is they manage all of the hosting and have a lot more website traffic then your new blog will. You will also earn money directly from Google with there Adsense program when you write your motorcycle articles and publish them on InfoBarrel. If you do not travel with a computer you can still use libraries in all of the towns you visit too write articles. When writing articles about your motorcycle trip is is financially helpful if you upload a picture or two with each article. The pictures you take when motorcycling across the country will be very interesting to your readers and encourage them to come back. It will also help you get a lot of traffic from Google Image searches which will lead to more income.

T-Shirts and Souvenirs

When traveling by motorcycle you will be limited on space. If you continue to pay out money for t-shirts and knick knack souvenirs you will quickly run out of space and have to mail a box of your t shirts and knickknack souvenirs back home. You have the cost if buying these items as well as the cost of mailing them home. Save your money and only buy souvenir t-shirts if you actually need to buy a new shirt to wear. There is not need to buy souvenirs everyplace you stop because that is what your digital camera is for. A digital camera is the cheapest way to memorialize your m0otorcycle trip and too share your adventures with other people.

Eating Out

Eating out at small local cafes and diners is part of the fun. You get to eat great meals and talk with locals who can guide you to cool stuff to see that is not on the map. If you eat all three meals a day in a restaurant, cafe, or diner the costs will be extremely high for 2-3 month motorcycle vacation.

If you eat one meal a day at a diner or cafe then you will save a lot of money. For the other meals you can eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cheese, pepperoni, or anything else you can buy at a grocery store for cheap.

Traveling on a long motorcycle vacation can be the trip of a lifetime. If you are able to conserve more of your money then you will be able to make that trip of a lifetime last even longer. Image Credit: (SLudgeGulper)