Everything is so very expensive these days. Heating your house is a huge monthly expense. There is no way around natural gas bills, electric bills or fuel oil bills, but there are a few things you can do to lessen the expense of heating your home. The cold winter months are upon us and the time to do something is now. This won'€™t save you thousands a year, but at least a few dollars a month. We can all use a few extra dollars. Every little bit of savings helps.

Things You Will Need

Desire to save some money

Step 1

Keep your furnace clean. If you have an oil burning furnace, you should have it cleaned at the beginning of each heating season.

Step 2

If your furnace is old, you should look into replacing it with an energy efficient furnace. Many utility companies and state governments will offer a rebate for the upgraded furnace. Some utility companies will also install a new heating system and make a payment plan for you for repayment.

Step 3

Insulate your attic and crawl space. Insulation in your attic will keep the heat in your home and not allow it to be lost in a cold attic. Insulation in your crawl space will keep your floors warmer.

Step 4

Hang heavy drapery on your windows. The drapery will keep the cold outside air from chilling your rooms.

Step 5

Lower your thermostat at night when you are asleep under heavy blankets. Also lower your thermostat while you are away from the house for extended periods of time. Invest in a programmable thermostat. Program the thermostat to raise the house temperature 15 minutes before you get home.

Step 6

Caulk around your exterior dryer vent, kitchen exhaust vent and windows to stop warm air from escaping and cold air from entering.

These are only a few easy, painless steps to take and you will see a difference in your heating bill. Lowering the general temperature in your house and putting on an extra sweater or watching TV under a blanket can also be a great help. Don'€™t think of it as suffering, think of your blanket as a cozy wrap on a chilly night.

Tips & Warnings