Everything is so expensive these days. I am always looking for ways to cut corners and save a little bit of money. In today€™s economy, who isn't looking to save a little money wherever and whenever they can? Every little bit counts. Those pennies quickly turn to dollars. We need water to wash clothes, wash dishes, wash ourselves, cook with and water our plants. There is no way around the need for water, but there are something you can do to cut down on the cost of water.

Things You Will Need

Desire to save money and water

Step 1

Use your dishwasher at night. Many water companies vary their rates based on the time of day the water is used. The time of day when most people are using their water is called peak usage. Peak usage hours usually have a higher rate.

Step 2

Get up early in the morning or stay up late at night to wash your clothes. Try not to use your washing machine on weekends. Weekends tend to have the higher peak usage rate because many people are home from work doing what you are the laundry.

Step 3

Collect rain water in a large lidded garbage can. If rain is in the forecast, remove the lid and let the rain water collect in the can. Set buckets under downspouts to collect rainwater. Pour all of the rain water into the large lidded garbage can. Be sure to keep the lid on to keep mosquitoes from breeding. Use the rain water to wash cars, decks, patios and water your plants.

Step 4

Save bath water and dish water. Use the water for watering your plants. There are many nutrients in this 'gray" water and the soap also helps with insect control. To be really frugal, this water can also be used to flush toilets rather than pushing the handle, pour the water into the toilet when it needs to be flushed.

It doesn't seem like big changes and they really aren't big changes, but it's enough of a change to make a difference in your water bill. Little by little you will see the savings. I always look to save a little money and if you are too, try it, you may be surprised.

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