With a high unemployment environment many people look for alternative methods to make a living. For someone who can create craft projects that have mass marketing appeal it is a great way to make a living or to supplement as a part time income. Just because a person is creative and very skilled in creating various crafts they also, perhaps unknown to them, are actually engaging in a small business. Often the venue is their own home and they must find ways to distribute their final products. Stocking up on product is fine but at some point you have to turn that stock into dollars in order to keep creating and buying your raw materials.

Tip 1) Choose A Sales Format For Distribution

When you create your own hand crafted products you have to have a place to sell them. There are a number of online websites that offer a format for selling handmade items such as esty. Or you can choose to create your own website and offer them for sale that way. Certainly you need to have some form of printed labels so you can ship these products. And when you design custom labels you need to make sure your website address is printed on those labels. If you are in the business of making handmade products you really need some different forms of advertising and custom shipping labels is one advertising format.

Tip 2) Creating A Custom Label For The Product

Once a method of distribution has been found such as esty or other internet sales sites you can’t spend you time hand printing shipping labels. At some point you will need to create shipping labels such as printed labels. You can create custom printed labels that reflect your product and also your own personality. Generally lovely hand crafted products indeed reflect the creators personality but what better way to advertise then by designing labels in colors you like and with your business name in a lovely script that reflects your handcrafted products. Everyone who handles your packages will see your wonderful custom labels and may even be temped to contact your to place an order.

Tip 3) Attend Holiday Craft Shows And Other Venues

Another way to sell your handcrafts is though growers or farmers markets or holiday craft markets. If you choose this type of venue for your sales it can’t be your only venue because this is a limited run type of venue. You need to get your market customers to sign up for a mailing list generally an email mailing list. That way you can order some custom designed printed labels for your shipping labels. 

Tip 4) Give-A-Way Package Advertising

When you package up your handcrafted products you can easily add supplemental advertising when you slide in a printed static cling label or perhaps a self adhesive logo that your customer will put on a prominent place because it looks so cute or pretty or charming. Then anyone looking at it will see your name and email address.