First I'd like to briefly talk about the Adsense eCPM which means Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions. It took me about a year to understand it meant for Adsense publishers.

Google Adsense explains the eCPM as your estimated earnings for every 1000 impressions. eCPM is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of webpage views/impressions, then multiplying by 1000.

An example they provide in your Adsense account is, should you earn $.15 from 25 impressions, your page eCPM would equal $.15 / 25 - 1000, or $6.00. Use a calculator and do the following.
15 ÷ 25 = .6.

Here's another example for you. If you earned $180.00 from 45,000 views/impressions your page eCPM would then equal $180.00 / 45,000 - 1000, or $4.00. Again, use your calculator to do the following. 180 ÷ 45.000 = 4.00.

Adsense publishers realize that they are able to earn revenue when visitors/traffic click on Ad and Link Units that are show on their blogs, websites and articles but do any publishers consider earning revenue from views/impressions? I never considered earning revenue with impressions when I first started because I didn't understand and Adsense was foreign to me. It took me a very long time to understand how Adsense determined how publishers earned from impressions. Generating impressions over time can add up fast and can add up to a pretty penny.

I felt it was a wise move to start this article explaining how publishers can earn revenue from Ad impressions. I will now discuss how I'm increasing my Adsense revenue from simply making a few adjustments throughout my websites.

Three Link Units and Three Ad Units per each webpage so why not try to get the most from your hard work?. In the past I never used three Link Units and Three Ad Units on the same webpage but I took the time to tweak and edit my websites to embed three Link and Ad Units. I chose to do this because I want to earn revenue faster and I felt I was short changing myself. If you received 50 views a day per website which display Link and Ad Units you earn revenue from the views/impressions. All six Link Units and Ad Units receive an ad view/impression.

I have been trying very hard to truly understand and grasp how Adsense works and I hope I've helped you understand Adsense a lot better than you did before you started reading this article. I also hope I helped you understand how you can tweak and update your website to earn more Adsense revenue from it.

Click here to be brought to the Google Adsense Program Policies for Publishers. Take the time to read it over and over if your still learning. To this day I read it and I probably will read it for many more years to come. There is so much to learn when trying to earn revenue with the Adsense program however learning the guidelines, rules, and policies can help you earn more now and in the long run.

When your browsing online and come across websites with Google Adsense Ads on them take some time to look at the webmasters format. Where do the webmasters place the Link Units throughout the website? Where do the webmasters place the Ad Units throughout their website? Pay attention to keep teaching yourself where website creators place the Link and Ad Units throughout their websites. It's worth doing the research and it's worth to continue trying because eventually you will understand how to get the most from your efforts. Earning revenue impressions can add up fast if your know how to do it.

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