Meal Planner

Meal Plan

A meal planner can help you to get organised in the kitchen each week. It can take the guess-work out of each day with regard to what to cook the family for dinner. A meal planner, when done well enables you to try new recipes and ensure a varied and wholesome diet for your family. Follow these tips to effget te most our of your meal planner.

Each week, take time to sit down and write out some ideas about what to cook for the family for the following week. You can get inspiration from your own recipe files or from cookbooks, magazines and the internet. Try to include a few new recipes with some family favorites.  In addition, try to vary the meal types throughout the week for example include different types of foods and different cooking styles. If possible, make double the quantity sometimes which enables you to eat the meal across two nights or freeze half to enjoy on another day.  By building up your supply of meals in the freezer, you can schedule those freezer meals for busy days when there is not alot of time to cook. Make sure to give yourself a couple of nights off from cooking where you can enjoy take out and have a rest.

Once you have a list of recipe ideas, complete a Meal Planner template where you write out your meal plan for the week. You will find a good range of different Meal Planner templates online - find a simple one that works for you. Once you have determined and your family  activities and commitments you have on the following week, schedule in the different meals you chose to cook on the different days of the week. For days where you have more time, schedule new recipes to try.

Once your meal planner is completed, you can write out a corresponding grocery list. This should be quite simple as you can refer to the recipes on your meal planner to identify the required ingredients for the week. Purchasing the ingredients in advance will save you time on wasted and unnecessary last minute trips to the supermarket during the week.

It is  important to  note that any meal planner should remain flexible. There will always be situations that arise unexpectedly where you may need to cancel or swap around some of the meals. Use the planner as a guide to give you some structure for the week but do not stress if things change. Once you have purchased the ingredients for the recipes, it won't matter what day you make the recipe on.

The small amount of time it takes you to complete  meal planner template has great benefits.  A plan will encourage you to incorporate a variety of tried and tested dinners with new recipes for the family and will ensure a varied diet for the family.