It can’t be avoided, there comes a time to wean baby from bottle, but how can stress be minimized during bottle weaning? As with many things with a child, proper planning and some preparation can make the transition smoother. Making sure your child gets a chance to get away from the bottle as soon as possible can help them get a head start with having good teeth. Being prepared for setbacks and being flexible can be key to the best way to wean baby from bottle. The following ideas can help you with bottle weaning.

Start Smart

There will be a great time to start to wean baby from bottle. It comes when the doctor advises giving juice or water.  Bottle weaning has an ideal window of opportunity here. Simply do not give your child juice or water in the bottle; only offer it in a cup. By getting something new and tasty in a cup you’ll be in a good position to start bottle weaning. Take advantage of this. A good hint on parenting is to try to search out some of the opportune times to take care of transition periods like this one to wean baby from bottle.

Start Small

Okay, juice and water in a cup; but what’s next when choosing to wean baby from bottle?  The next step to bottle weaning comes with actually removing the bottle at certain times of the day. It’s a good idea to not start with bedtime. The best time to take this next step to wean baby from bottle is in the early morning. This is when they may be most hungry and willing to take that milk from a sippy cup. When it comes to bottle weaning it can be all about timing. If the morning doesn’t seem like an ideal time then choose a period in the afternoon.

Be Prepared For Set Backs

To wean baby from bottle doesn’t always mean it’s will be easy or happen in one step. Bottle weaning may come in stages. First we introduce a cup and find success there but aren’t actually trying to start bottle weaning. Maybe they love the cup for a while but have a day where they won’t take anything out of it. Maybe every morning they have no trouble skipping a bottle and suddenly are very upset until they have a bottle in their hands. Don’t stress out about this, you will still wean baby from bottle.

As with any step in parenting, even bottle weaning; don’t be afraid to search out other parents. How did they wean baby from bottle? Did they experience a lot of trouble and if they did what did they do to try and eliminate hurdles? Remember to take it one day at a time and to spend some time reading about what works for different families. If you find yourself very stressed over bottle weaning take a break from the process, you can wait a few more days to wean baby from bottle.

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