Here are some pros and cons to outsourcing content, in general, to a freelance writer:

Cons to Outsourcing Article Writing and Content Creation:

  • It Costs Money. Spending money, when deemed necessary for a business, isn’t a bad thing. Unfortunately, figuring out WHEN it is in your best interest to do so is and can be the most difficult part. For a new writer online, it is completely understandable and reasonable that they may not want to spend any money that they do not have yet. Generally, some may not feel prepared, or that it is not a sound business decision, to begin immediately investing in content production, especially when they haven’t exactly been realizing a return on their own efforts yet. 

Personally, I spent several years writing online, for places like InfoBarrel, before I actually felt comfortable enough about outsourcing content. Not only was there a comfortableness factor involved, but there was also a great deal of uncertainty, and cluelessness, as well. While I learned some things the hard way, I truly hope that the tips, tricks, strategies, tactics and lessons learned in this article will GREATLY reduce your learning curve, and will help you to feel much more comfortable with your decision to outsource article writing—should you ever decide to go that route. I would never encourage anyone to follow a strategy like this blindly, however, there are some tips, that I’ll mention later, that can dramatically decrease any risk associated with this strategy.

  • Quality Isn’t a Sure Thing. Generally, online, quality content comes at a premium. Generally. With the massive promulgation of article spinning software, you can anticipate that MANY (not all) people you engage to outsource content creation and article writing to could just deliver to you a piece of spun content. There is much debate online regarding the ethics of article spinning, and I’d personally like to avoid the debate, at least for this article. As a personal preference, I choose not to do it, however, it really has become a bit of a multi-faceted debate, as there are a wide array of potential “uses” for content online. Like the alleviation of risk associated with employing a complementary strategy of writing your own content AND outsourcing content production to a ghostwriter, there are also some things you can do to greatly increase your likelihood of receiving high quality content.
  • You Will Loose (a Degree) of Control. This point goes hand-in-hand with my previous mention about quality. I wouldn't necessarily dub myself a "control freak", however, I thrive off of knowing that things are done correctly and in accordance with at least some standard. Perfectionism runs in my veins, and, I will oftentimes shy away from delegating any task or activity simply because I do not want to loose control over molding the output or result. This is perhaps one of the greatest reasons why it took me quite some time to really embrace the idea of article writing and content creation.

With the proper instruction and guidance laid out before hand, however, I found that I could really exert a great degree of control over the process of a ghostwriter producing an article for me, in accordance with my exact standards and specifications, from the very beginning. The more effort you put into the front end of this process, the more likely you are maintain a high level of control on until the end article product is submitted to you for review and approval/rejection. Fortunately, later I will provide some tips that will give you a HUGE leg up in controlling the article outsourcing process from the very beginning, on to the delivery of a final product. These tips are so valuable that they WILL save you both time and money, and they are very easy to execute (just a matter of cutting and pasting instructions, really)!

Pros to Outsourcing Article Writing and Content Creation:

  • Manifestation of A lot of Ideas Simultaneously, Quickly. My brain constantly operates on overdrive, as it churns up new ideas seamlessly. Unfortunately, my personal capability and capacity of creating new articles and content is continually out-done by the plethora of new ideas that surface daily. A casual car ride to work is typically sufficient enough to spawn a ton of new ideas that either requires pulling to the side of the road to annotate them, or repeating them over and over again until I arrive at my destination. My pursuit of outsourcing actually came really out of necessity: While my notebook would continually fill with new ideas, there wasn’t a chance that I’d ever be able to keep up with implementing each new idea as my brain conceived of it. For an extreme Type-A personality like myself, unfinished (or, worse, not even begun) ideas drove me absolutely crazy. Outsourcing article content creation was my way of addressing this issue. (Do you have a Type-A personality, like me?)
  • Provision of Jobs Globally. Some people choose to outsource exclusively to United States’ service providers, or their home country, however, a platform like iWriter allows you to tap into a global base of talent. This is where the rubber hits the road with regards content outsourcing. Instead of declaring a stance on the issue for purposes of this article, some people see outsourcing low cost content as being an exploitation of people as people. Others see the dire circumstances that others, in other countries live in, and see outsourcing as a way to provide opportunity to those where the U.S. dollar goes a much much longer way. Depending on the forum or website, much like hot issues like abortion or gun control, you will find a ton of different arguments that are never in short supply, either way, for or against outsourcing. One reason why I love iWriter is because it provides the opportunity for additional, unexpected, compensation to occur through the use of tips. Whether there exists tremendous lack of feasible opportunity, or whatever the case may be, the reality of the situation is that there will likely be a supply side, and demand side to content creation online. As long as people around the globe are willing to do both, for whatever reason that drives them to it, there will always be a market.
  • Ability to Take MORE Action. The mantra is deafening: perceived to be taking action. Whether they actually NEED a product or service, some are led to believe that “taking action” is the end all be all. Taking the wrong kind of action, at the wrong time, however, can be extremely detrimental to a business, as well as, subsequent livelihood. One reason why I love outsourcing article production is because it has allowed me to reach beyond my own capabilities and capacity and actually take MORE action. While I simultaneously exert effort towards writing articles (i.e. executing SOME of my ideas), it is comforting to know that I have a properly instructed and guided ghostwriter “Take Action!”. Online, this phrase is thrown out vigorously, by anyone from sincere motivators to people who adamantly push the sale of their own products and services. Afterall, if you don’t purchase, somehow they would like to construe it as your outward defiance or refusal to “Take Action”, especially when everyone else around you is who is working on executing some of my ideas.

Now that we have effectively covered the pros and cons of outsourcing article writing, in general, in the next installment of this article series we are going to explore the advantages/disadvantages/pros/cons of iWriter, itself. With a great deal of experience using iWriter, at this time, this is very logical and reasonable starting point to our indepth analysis of iWriter.

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