Buying replacement toners

Are you new to using printer equipment, and you’re not yet familiar with the do’s and don’ts especially when it comes to choosing the right consumables? Well basically, there are some things you should learn before you go shopping. Since you’re a new printer user, allow me to give you a roundup of the things you have to be familiar with.

First thing you need to know is the model of your printer’s required cartridge. Every printer user knows about this, that you can’t just fit in any toner you’d like on a unit that doesn’t even support it. However, there are printers in series and lineup that share the same model of cartridges. Hence, you shouldn’t use it unless your unit is a part of a particular series where you based the cartridge you bought. It would be more convenient on your part if you try to note the model of cartridge your printer use. So whenever you need to get a replacement  cartridge, things will be easier. For example, if you’re using HL-3170CDW printer, keep in mind that what you need is a set of Brother TN225 toner cartridges and a DR221CL drum unit.

Second you need to keep in mind is the quality of the product. It’s not very common for us customers to check the expiry date of an item which often lead to unexpected problems. A faulty cartridge isn’t that easy to determine, the very least you can do is to install it on your printer to find out if it’s working or not. Yes, you may return the faulty item back to the retailer but isn’t it a troublesome for you?

Third on our roundup is the product warranty. Major brand companies in the print industry offer varying warranty periods, even small retailers should have a warranty. If it’s not indicated in the item that you need to purchase, ask for assistance and inquire about their products warranty. It’s also a good practice to ask if they offer repair services so if in case you’ll need such service, you know who to call. Warranty is a very important factor to consider, it covers a lot of advantages on the customers end.

Fourth would be cost, and it’s actually the most debated and talked about issue with regards to printer cartridges. Branded products are often high-priced, and obviously they would never roll back. I mean is there even a chance that they cut back the price of their supplies? With that being given, customers are lead to find for an alternative supplier that can provide them with inexpensive cartridges. Indeed they are much affordable, however, there’s a trade-off that you need to accept when opting for compatible replacements, say like, quality over cost.

Last but not the least is accessibility. Find the nearest retailers in your area and make a comparison of the prices being offered. Choose which among those retailers can give you better discounts, and then try to narrow your list by choosing those retailers that are easy to access, like a minute of driving will do. Also check if they take orders online so it will be more convenient on your part to give them a call at the comfort of your home and wait until the item gets delivered. But it’s not actually ideal from my own opinion, since you can’t examine the quality of the product not until you got it.