A stair carpet runner is installed to make stairs more comfortable and elegant looking. It is a long and narrow rug running in the middle of the staircase. It is usually in two widths; 27 and 32 inches. If you are considering purchasing stair carpet runners, you have to pay particular attention on the type and quality of the carpet runner that you will be using. It doesn't have to be expensive but it has to be a carpet of good quality. In fact, installing a carpet runner on your stairs is much more convenient and affordable than installing stair carpets. The carpet runner's size and width makes it cheaper than the size and width of the stair carpet which will be used to cover the entire staircase. And for a carpet runner, a medium grade carpet would be fine for as long as the fiber used to manufacture it is best for high traffic areas and would last many years. You can choose from carpet runners made out of synthetic fibers, wool, or a combination of the two and nylon.

Carpet runners for stairs have to be professionally installed to ensure your safety and convenience. However, you can also do the installation yourself provided that you follow the step by step procedures on installing a carpet runner. This may be a good idea if you want to cut labor cost and minimize installation expenses. Prior to installation you have to be ready with the tools to include the tackless strips, carpet padding, carpet runner, staple gun, (1/2 inch staples), (1/2 inch nails) ,hammer, carpet knife, tape measure, pencil carpet stretcher. When all these tools are already available then you can start with the installation. Step by step procedure includes the laying out of the tackless strips, fitting the carpet padding, securing the carpet runner to the first riser, followed by attaching the runner to the treads. And the last step is fastening the carpet runner to the riser. As much as possible a carpet rod should be used to keep the runner perfectly fixed in place. Installation needs extra care and attention. You have to remember that if your carpet runner for your stairs is poorly installed, it will pose a potential danger to your family and most especially to the kids in you have them in the household. If you are not sure that you can accurately do the installation, it is best for you to hire somebody than risks your lives just for the sake of economizing on labor expenses.

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Once your carpet runner for stairs is already installed, your stairs will now be more inviting, more comfortable and safer for everybody.

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