When shopping for jewelry boxes, it's easy to get overwhelemed with all the choices. With so many shapes, styles, designs, and places to shop online, it can seem like a daunting task. Don't succumb to analysis paralysis! By following a few simple steps you can make your jewelry box shopping experience a success!

Before getting into details and checklists, there's something you should always think about when purchasing any type of gift for someone. It's just that, a gift! So as long as you put some thoughtJewelry Box into it, the person you're buying it for should love it. Check out "How to Be Observant" section for ideas on how to put some thought into it.

First we're going to list out a few simple things to keep in mind when getting ready to shop. You could make this into a checklist. Knowing the answer to this few simple questions can make your jewelry box shopping experience much more efficient.

A Quick List of Things to Have Handy Before You Start Shopping

  • What's your budget?
    Do you have an amount in mind of what you want to spend?
  • Are you looking for girls jewelry boxes or something for a man?
    Yes men like jewelry boxes also.
  • How much jewelry does the person already have? Do you think they'll add a lot to their jewelry collection over the next 5 to 10 years?
  • What's the person's age?
  • Do you anticipate the jewelry box will be kept on a dresser, cabinet, or floor?

This list just covers a few basics of jewelry box shopping. Things that can save you a bit of analysis paralysis when you first walk into a jewelry box store or go online shopping. Granted, this list is not all-encompassing, but it at least will give you a starting point.

How to Be Observant and a Great Gift Giver!

Out of all the advice around giving great gifts, and jewelry boxes are no different, this might be the most valuable tip you'll ever hear. Ready? Here it is: Pay Attention!

Being observant of what your special someone likes takes patience and attention. As was mentioned earlier, if you put thought and meaning into the gift, it will always be a success. Nothing makes a person feel more appreciated than if they realize someone listens to them and respects their opinion. One of the most valuable ways of getting the perfect gift, is paying attention when you're out doing everyday chores with your someone special.

When out shopping for just about anything, if you see something you think they might like or you're thinking about getting them as a gift, ask them their opinion about it. Try to be subtle and hopefully you're not waiting till the last minute. It probably won't be much of a surprise then and they're more than likely to realize what you're doing. One technique is to ask, but then pretend you're not paying attention or care too much about what they said. You can really tell sometimes if the person has a strong opinion about something.

If you're thinking about a jewelry box purchase, it's a good idea to know what designs and styles the person likes. Take a look around their house at the posessions they already have. This can be a great indicator of styles and preferences. Is there a lot of dark or antique looking wood or is their stuff more modern looking? Do they seem to like leather or prefer wood? Also think about how a certain jewelry box would look sitting on top of the furniture they already have.

All of these things can make your jewelry box shopping experience that much better. And remember, as long as you put some thought into it, you can't go wrong!