Your wedding day is supposed to run smoothly.  Everything from your hair falling the right way to your event running without a hiccup.  While this is ideal and definitely does happen on some occasions, things can happen and little things can get messed up.  Any additional 'attractions' you have at your wedding create opportunities for mistakes to be made.  This is why when you rent something like a photo booth for your wedding, there are a few things you should consider

 Quality of Booth

Obviously, the first thing you want to check out is whether or not the vendor has a quality booth.  You don't want to bring in a company who has a booth made out of a basic frame covered in fabric.  Guests who have had a few too many drinks could very easily stumble, knocking over the booth, or causing damage to items at your venue.  The last thing you need is this kind of disaster.  Make sure the booth is a solid booth with quality construction.  

Instant Photo Printing

Some cheaper photo booths are essentially a camera hooked up to a computer.  If they can't instantly supply you with the pictures, your guess likely won't get their keepsakes and they will have to wait until the provider prints them out and sends them to you.  

Customizable Photo Templates

One thing that makes your photo booth experience that much better is when the pictures are printed out on a custom template that indicates it was taken at your wedding.  Photo Booth pictures are ten times more likely to be held onto and cherished over traditional boring wedding favours. 

Charging you for extras

Before you book your photo booth rental.  Make sure the company isn't planning on charging you extras for little things like a box of props.  Some companies charge $50-100 for a simple box of funny props.  No need to pay extra for props, as the better services tend to have these included in your rental cost.  

On site technician

There are a few different types of photo booths out there. For the most part they are pretty much automatic. However, for the sake of making sure everything runs well, make sure the photo booth rental company you choose appoints and on site technician to stay throughout your event.  This ensures that if there are any problems what-so-ever during your event, the technician can solve the issue and have things continue on as smoothly as possible