Starting a blog needs work

So, you have decided to start your own blog on whatever you like to write about or just as a personal space where you pour your thoghts and feelings into. The most important thing to consider before doing anything is to ask youself about the purpose of your blog (what is it going to be about):

-Is it a personal one?
-Are you just doing that for fun or profit? May be both?
-Is your blog going to be about a specific topic/niche for example "Dog food" or "Food and nutrition" or just going to be about anything that comes to your mind?
-Are you going to blog daily/weekly/monthly or just leave it to the circumstances?
-Will you go for free services or a paid domain, hosting, etc?

For those starting a blog just for fun or as random as it can bem things are more easier. You can name your blog and design it the way you like and write about whatever you want. For those who wants to make money blogging, it's really important to decide what is niche you are going to choose (in fact, this is the most important tip!)

Before going to the next step and choosing a URL and a title for your blog, it's better to choose something you are good at, in other words, something you KNOW alot about, something you can really write about and write quality content, too!

Now, choose a title and a URL address for your blog (they should match for better results in search engines) and make it relative to the specific niche you chose.

And wether you are doing this for fun or profit (or both, better!) you are gonna need visitors! There are 3 main important things to attract visitor and increase traffic:

  • Quality content (avoid copied content).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is making your blog friendly to the search engines like Google which is usually going to be your best source for traffic if you do things right.
  • Promoting your blog.

Having some SEO experience is really helpful if you really want more traffic for your blog. Be sure to include the right keywords and avoid the highly competitive keywords, better, go for long tail keywords. Quality and unique content is what is going to make people come again to your blog to find out what's new in it and find more answers to their questions.

Use a keyword utility like adwords keywords to see how many people are searching for your keywords and choose them carefully. Also, remember not to stuff your blog with keywords and copied content or Google will put your blog on their black-list!

Communicate with your visitors, make the design and colors easy on the eyes and the blog easy to surf. Promote your blog by putting links to it in your email and forums signature, social networking like Digg and Stumbleupon, submit it to blog directories, etc. Never spam others to promote your blog and generally, avoid anything that might affect your site's reputation.