Being a handyman means that you need as much business as you can get, and that means that you need to use all the available channels in order to get your name known in the neighborhood or town. Handyman signs are one of those channels and one of the most effective ones. There are several reasons that signs are effective, and that is why you see so many of them in different areas They work even when someone is not looking for a handyman because they will remember your sign and that there is one available in the area. If you have ever looked at a sign and remembered it when you needed that particular service then you know how important they are.


You should use handyman signs near your home or office. They are most effective when they are near you because people who live in the area will know about you the moment that the sign goes up. If you have an office then it may be a good idea to invest in a banner for the entrance. If you don’t then you should place your signs within a 10 block radius on high traffic areas. If it is legal to place them in your town by the traffic lights then that will give potential customers a chance to read your sign. If not check if you can place them on parking lots near shopping centers. Those places are perfect because they get the most traffic and exposure for your sign.

The Look

Because your signs will be outside, the design is the most important thing right after your information. The design must make handyman signs easy to read and pleasant to look at. Make sure that you do not have bright colors on the background of the sign. A white background can be hard to read during the day time when the sun is up. Bright and light colors can be used for the lettering and some companies will also use lettering that glows in the dark so that the signs work for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The size that you should use depends on you and if there are size limits in your area. You should consult your local government for any restrictions.

Great Investment

Because it can be something that works for you all the time there are very few forms of advertisement that can be as effective. If you place a classified ad you will only get exposure for the numbers of days that you buy. Radio and TV advertisement will give you even less than that and they both limit your audience to radio and TV. Handyman signs on the other hand give you as a public everyone who is walking or driving by that sign at any time of the day. It is also a lot cheaper than most other forms of advertisement, and in fact you can probably get enough signs for what you would pay for a week of advertisement in other mediums.