Are you looking to know how to run a successful hot dog stand? Good! Well as you may know starting a hot dog vending business is a great way to make some money; in fact, you could actually turn this into a very lucrative career. Many people think that hot-dog carts are only successful in large cities such as New York City, Boston, et al.

This is wrong.

As proved in "Hot Dogs Saved My Life!" a must-read for those who aspiring to run a successful hot dog stand.

You can get a lot of business in large cities such as New York but the licensing is strict, expensive, and hard to come by. In New York City there is a huge list of people waiting to get a license. It may be 2-3 years or even longer. In small towns you may not have near as much foot traffic but you can get going with a hot-dog cart immediately. Even in small towns though you can make a lot of money if you set-up in the right locations and develop positive relations with your customers.

Opening a simple but successful hot dog stand can lead to a lot more lucrative industries. Stuart and Clifford Perlman bought a small stand in Miami Beach. The little hot-dog stand was called Lums. Eventually Lums grew into a chain of 8 or so restaurants. The really lucrative stuff started when Stuart and Clifford Perlman bought Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Yep, Stuart and Clifford Perlman went from buying a small stand to owning Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! You can start your own lucrative career by buying a hot-dog vending cart and then working hard and bankrolling your money and good credit into something bigger. You might not end up with a major Hotel Casino in Las Vegas but you can end up with a very lucrative business that continually expands like Stuart and Clifford Perlman were able to do.

Hot Dog Carts

There are numerous places you can buy hot dog carts online. You will want to compare multiple hot-dog cart websites to see what features each offers and the pricing. You also want to look at the build quality. The cheapest carts may end up being more expensive then if you had just paid more money up-front.

One very popular option is to buy a hot-dog cart that is also a trailer that can be pulled behind your vehicle. This will allow you to easily travel to different locations. If you can try and get set-up at the fairs and carnivals that take place in your area. The fairs are huge cash cows for some hot dog vendors.

Many successful carts have set-ups where you can buy umbrellas to cover the hotdog stand for the rain and more and the sun. Many people utilize the stock umbrellas but I highly suggest you buy a custom hot dog cart umbrella and have it designed with your logo. All businesses need to brand themselves, even little independent hot dog stands. If you work in an area with other food and hotdog vendors then you will want to differentiate yourself from your competitors by using a custom umbrella that easily shows your customers who you are from a distance. You provide great service and you will want your customers to be able to easily return to you.

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You might find a profitable hot-dog cart that seems like a great deal but you need to research the company and the model of hot dog cart you are looking at. Some companies will manufacture hot dog carts that are modeled after popular hot dog carts from reputable companies except these cheap generic hot dog stands are not made as well. The quality is poor and the durability is awful. If you buy a cheap hot-dog cart that is not durable then you will end up having to replace it long before you would have to replace a more durable cart. Quality is very important when buying in investing in ac art.

Before you even think of ordering a stand or cart you need to check out the exact requirements that you need to meet from your local health department. Don’t just look it up on the web but also go down there and talk to them in person. Develop a good relationship with them and then verify everything. Many communities are getting much stricter on their regulations for mobile food carts. If you live in a community that requires you to have a NSF Certified vending cart then you must have a NSF Certified vending cart. If you order a cheap hot dog cart that is not a NSF Certified vending cart then you will not be able to use it. You need to ensure that the cart you order will meet the NSF Certified vending cart if your community requires it.

If you live in Southern California you will have a lot of competing carts. It is important that you hire one of the Orange County Mobile App Developers to build you an app. You might just be a small hot-dog stand but with the right location and a custom app you can grow your business much larger than you ever thought.

You should also ensure that you hire one of the Los Angeles Web Developers to help build and market your website. You need to keep your business growing and the best way to build loyalty and repeat customers is by building a relationship with your customers and that includes communicating with your customers on a blog and sharing special coupons with them on your Facebook page.