Outside of being a real pain in the butt (pun intended) hemorrhoids can also cause other discomfort such as itching and many sufferers may also experience bleeding. Luckily for most there are some simple remedies you can try at home to get relief for hemorrhoids.

Over-the-counter help

Soothing Cooling Pads for Hemorrhoid ReliefCredit: Tucks BrandThere are many over-the-counter products that can be purchased to help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. A few of those products and some helpful ingredients to look for to help cool the burn, reduce swelling and soothe the itch include: witch hazel (this can be found in soothing pads), aloe vera gel, hydrocortisone, camphor, zinc oxide, and benzocaine. Most commonly you will find hemorrhoid treatment options in the form of creams (i.e. preparation H, Desitin), suppositories, pills or balms (though there are also devices and other options). 

If you are unsure as to what product to get you can seek the advice of your physician or you can also call or going to speak to a pharmacist directly. They should be able to point you in the right direction and offer you suggestions on which products are going to work the best to handle your most troublesome symptoms.

Relief for A Painful "Sit "-uation

One of the leading causes of hemorrhoids is straining and exertion while going to the bathroom (having a bowel movement). This can also exacerbate the situation and should therefore be one of the first areas to focus on to both prevent and get relief of hemorrhoids. A trick you can try to help relieve the strain and pressure is to bring a footstool or other short object to rest your feet on into the bathroom with you. For best results, if you don't have a footstool, look for something sturdy that will help bring your feet a couple of inches off the floor.

Outside of posture and straining if you find that you have discomfort during a bowel movement you may find some hemorrhoids symptom relief by utilizing a water-based lubricant. A water-based lubricant can be rubbed on the immediate inside and outside areas to ensure smoother passage and can help eliminate the need or want to strain which will in turn cause less irritation.

Another tip or helpful home solution that will pay off to remember is - don't sit on the toilet and wait around too long for something to happen lengthy sitting can build up pressure on the veins of the rectum which will cause swelling and discomfort. So if after a few moments it does not appear you're going to be productive fold up your magazine and come back when you're ready.

Although a hemorrhoid suffer will often opt to avoid sitting down there is one way to do this that may help bring relief for the hemorrhoid symptoms. This method, one you may have heard about, is like a sitz bath. There is more to this than just jumping into a tub of water when relief is your cold what you'll want to do is the following; at a few inches of warm water to the tub adding some Sitz bath (which can often be found in a pharmacy), dry your knees towards your chest and so cannot position for 10 to 15 min. This may be needed 2 to 3 times a day to ease the symptoms - which is fine.

If you're hemorrhoids become inflamed or irritated and access to quick relief creams, pads or other tools is limited one suggestion to try for relief of hemorrhoids symptoms is to avoid sitting on hard surfaces. Concrete, unpadded chairs – anything of this nature can add to your discomfort. If you cannot avoid sitting down then keep a cushion on hand, many pharmacies carry cushions designed specifically for use by hemorrhoid sufferers, to help relieve painful irritation and swelling.

A Softer Solution

Ring Cushion for Comfortable SittingCredit: BodySportConstipation can be a cause, contributing factor and will often lead to the irritation and onset of swelling and other discomforts related to hemorrhoids. So, for relief of hemorrhoids you need to take steps to eliminate constipation. There are a couple of ways you can do this the first involves making sure you're getting enough fiber in your everyday diet. If you find it difficult to add fiber filled foods to your diet (i. e. Bitch, peas, carrots, brand and fresh fruits) there are other alternatives and easy to take supplements that will work as well.

Stool softeners can also help to relieve constipation and therefore bring some hemorrhoid relief. It is important to note that stool softeners are not the same as diuretics (laxatives) and diuretics should be avoided as their results can be just as (if not more) irritating than constipation itself.

Cause-And-Effect of Activity on Relief of Hemorrhoids

Non-strenuous activity, that keeps you up right and moving, such as walking will not only help in combating excess weight which can be a factor in hemorrhoids and all the symptoms that come with them but it also helps prevent constipation and relieves pressure that can be put on the veins of the rectum area during sitting.

Not everyone suffers from the same degree of symptoms. Those whose discomfort is unbearable or who experience excessive bleeding or link the bouts of bleeding in relation to hemorrhoids may not benefit as greatly from these home remedies and tips. Discuss your symptoms and condition with your doctor before starting any new treatment or remedy.

Cooling Relief for Painful Burning and Inflammation

Outside of the creams and soothing pads that can be used if you find yourself unable to access relief medications then a temporary solution for some immediate relief of hemorrhoid symptoms is folding up a good amount of toilet tissue (into a square) and getting it damp with cool water. Place this directly against the inflamed, burning areas for a few moments. Just be sure no bits of tissue (or anything else) are left behind as they can further irritate the situation.

Talking to Your Doctor About Hemorrhoid Relief

It is important for those who suffer from severe case of hemorrhoids as well as those suffering from ongoing symptoms and discomfort to talk to your doctor. Prescription strength medications: creams, vasoconstrictors etc. may be required to bring relief of hemorrhoids and symptoms and in some cases surgery may even be necessary.