We all look forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of the hectic hours of working to earn a living. What the majority of people do not realize is that before we make any bookings we need to do more planning and preparation before we rush off out to the airport or onto our busy highways into the peak hour traffic.


Decide on the type of holiday to enjoy

Tips and Ideas before booking your travel holidays to save you from making some expensive mistakes. Choose different types of holidays; you might decide to go away with a friend or the family or take a weekend trip or a longer one.

  • Will we go camping along the coast in a tent or camper trailer and book into a caravan park?
  • Take a pre-arranged flying holiday with the entire itinerary planned before we leave home
  • Then again why not hire or buy a self contained caravan and take off into the outback country and see nature at its best.
  • Take a tent and camp along the river and try your hand at catching a few fish for your dinner.
  • Book a tagalong Four wheel drive tour- these are trips that you go out into the bush under the directions of a tour guide. You follow in your own four wheel drive with your own camping gear.
  • Book a sightseeing tour on a tourist bus. One example of this type of tour is a trip to see all the beautiful wildflowers.


No matter what type of holiday you eventually decide upon or where you end up going, you need to think about a few things before you make those final arrangements or pay out for something you may not be able to obtain a refund for.

Time of year - school or public holidays

Where possible avoid traveling anywhere during the school holidays. Why, I hear you


ask: If the children are young you might be able to go before or after the school holidays to save money. A week missed from school would not affect their education.


  • Travel and hotel accommodation- The majority of hotels, motels, Caravan parks will all be more expensive during school holidays and peak times.


  • Amusements parks – Museums, zoos and many other entry fees are often increased during peak times.


  • Peace and quiet- When kids are on holidays you can forget about a peaceful relaxing or quiet holiday. Let's face it you were a kid once. Did you tip toe around thinking about the noise you were making or did you yell and scream while having fun?


  • Busiest times- Never trust to fate, always book your accommodation before hand as most places will be booked out on holidays, long weekends or peak times.


  • Pets- Enquire as to whether you can take your precious pet on holiday with you. Pets are not allowed in hotels or motels. Many Caravan parks will allow pets on a lead at all times, although you need to make sure before leaving home.


  • Packing your clothes – Be prepared for all weathers. Summer weather does not exclude rain or cold weather. If ever you have traveled to the mountains or on the open plains you will know how cold it can become even in the middle of summer. Mix and match your clothing- by that I mean you can alternate a different top with the same pants to make the outfit look different.

Always pack the wash and wear clothing that you can wash out and hang in the shower recess, and it will be dry in the morning. Roll your clothes up, do not fold. Folding leaves creases.

Shoes- This will depend on the type of holiday you have chosen. If camping, wear solid comfortable shoes or thongs for the beach. Otherwise wear shoes that will go with any outfit. 1 pair high heels, 1 flat heel. For the men, take a pair of good shoes and pair of joggers.


First aid kit- Never leave home without packing a small first aid kit. If you are thinking of camping in the bush make sure that you take a survival kit. You never know when your car might break down without help. Always keep a container of water in the car with you at all times.

Save money on food

After paying for your air fares, accommodation and fuel most of your money will be spent on food. You do not have to go hungry to cut costs. Do not spend all your money on meals in hotels and motels or buying takeaways. Instead alternate by buying food from supermarkets and making lunch yourself. Anyone can make a salad or a sandwich. What you save on expensive takeaways will pay for an outing of a different sort.

Buy your drinks from the supermarkets and keep in your motel or car fridge.

If you decided on a trip in a caravan then here are some tips for packing your caravan.

If you follow these Tips and Ideas before booking your travel holidays thenyou should have a great trip. If you are driving anywhere this year then please drive safely.