Read the sellers' description before buying online

Have you ever bought a beautiful chain bracelet or necklace online? Then after waiting excitedly, it arrives and it is not what you expected.  You see the images online and it looks nice and solid so you buy it. Make sure you read the sellers descriptions and reviews before clicking on the buy now logo.

Do your homework before buying online and avoid disappointment.  I spent my hard-earned dollars on buying chains and was so disheartened when it arrived.  The chain was so thin; yes it looked beautiful, although not what I had envisioned. When you buy online, it is harder because you cannot feel or see what it is like.

You can buy beautiful chain jewelry made from a mixture of different types of gold. The dearest of course is pure gold, which is very expensive.  Then there is platinum and white-gold. For those on a budget there is gold-plated jewelry, made into different styles of chains rings and pendants. 

The following information and explanation should prepare and give you a better understanding of these differences before buying your next jewelry. 

What type of chain should I buy?

There are many things to consider when buying online. Is the chain solid or hollow and what size karat should I buy?  Here are a few things I have found that may help you to choose your next chain necklace or bracelet online.

Gold Bracelet: Mens Figoro 14 k BraceletCredit:
7 Inch - 10mm 14k Gold Layered Men's Herringbone Chain Necklace - Lifetime Warranty
Amazon Price: $40.00 $24.54 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 30, 2014)
This chain has a thick layer of 14 kt gold over a brass core. And comes with a lifetime warranty. Is heavy and feel like that of a gold chain.

Buy 10kt and 14kt Jewellery

There is a big difference between 10kt and 14kt  jewelry.  For starters, 10kt is normally cheaper because it is made of 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy.  Therefore, you will pay for more alloy, and less gold.

 Then again, 14kt is more serviceable, so you can wear it every day, plus it looks more expensive. 14Kt is the best one to buy because it is 14 parts gold and 10 parts Alloy. 

Length of Necklace Chains

You can buy chains in different lengths from 16” to 36” although the most popular is the 18”. This is more serviceable, as you can wear it with or without a pendant to show in the opening of a dressy top or shirt.

I think the 16” would suit a young child or teenager. It would be advisable to try one on before buying to make sure it is a nice fit and not too tight.

The 22” would look nice with a larger pendant when worn over your sweater or shirt. It would also attract more attention to the pendant.

A 24” which may suit a bigger built person or worn over a sweater, although in my opinion too long for the smaller built person.  It does come down to your own personal choice.

Pendant: Make sure the chain you buy is strong enough to hold the weight of the pendant.

New 27" 18K Gold Plated Cuban Curb Chain Link Necklace 9mm-Lifetime Warranty
Amazon Price: $18.75 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 30, 2014)
I bought one similar a month ago it was 18" gold plated chain like this although it was 6mm and I love it. It also came with a little gold covered gift box with a lifetime certificate warranty.

So you can buy all different designs and save money.

Thickness of chains

When searching online you look at a blown up image, so in fact it is thinner than you think. You must read the descriptions on everything you buy.  If you want a thick chain, then look for something about 6 mm, and be sure that is what you are buying.

The Italian Figaro Chains are the most sought after gold chains.  Although, I would suggest that you avoid buying chains with hollow links.  Never buy chains with hollow links. These are much lighter than solid chains of the same size. They are less expensive and will dent or break sooner.

 Clasp on chain is important

The lobster clasp is by far the best and strongest choice of clasp to have on your gold chain. These are more secure than the ring clasp. 

18k Yellow Gold Plated Ruby Heart of Ocean Pendant Chain for Womens or Girls
Amazon Price: $199.98 $14.86 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 30, 2014)
This 18k gold plated Heart of Ocean pendant for women's or girls and comes with its own gift box.

What is plated Jewelry?

Manufacturers create gold-plated jewelry by placing a layer of gold over another base metal. The cost goes by the thickness of the plating on the chains.

Is it worth buying plated jewelry?

The type of chain you buy is a personal choice. Gold-plated will not last as long, although you could buy five or six gold-plated chains in different styles cheaper.  Therefore, if you cannot afford the real thing you would still have more designs to choose from when dressing for your next outing.

Caring for gold-plated Jewelry

Wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove all elements of oxidizing. 

Always buy a recommended Jewelry cleaner for cleaning good jewelry


10k White Gold, Tanzanite, and Diamond Ring (0.018 cttw, GHI Color, I2-I3 Clarity)
Amazon Price: $319.99 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 30, 2014)
This is a beautiful and delicate ring with three diamond- flanked tanzanite stones. The color in the image may vary from actual stones. Read the reviews for more information.

White Gold or Platinum

What is the difference between White Gold and Platinum?

White gold and platinum have their own distinctive properties; platinum will dent or scratch easier than white gold. Platinum is more brittle and harder to bend and knock into shape. 

Some say that platinum is harder than pure gold, although, when they make 18 kt white gold with a mixture of silver, copper and palladium it is harder. This makes white gold harder than platinum alloys.

That is why many jewelers will encourage their clients to buy rings made with a secure platinum setting and a white gold band to reduce dents and scratches.

Conclusion:  No matter which type of Gold Jewelry you buy, make sure you read the sellers' descriptions, to assure you get what you want.  Always buy the best that you can afford and enjoy wearing it.

Duragold 14k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings (0.6" Diameter)
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(price as of Apr 30, 2014)
The timeless Duragold classic hoop style ear ring come with a click-top latch. It is 14 k gold in either yellow or white gold.