One of the best ways to help reduce muscle tension and stress is by giving a friend, family member or loved one a back massage. Since not every person is a professional with the proper training to give a massage, it's important to know the basic techniques to give a safe yet effective massage. The last thing you want is to injur the person you're giving the massage to, rather than helping alleviate tension. You can use the following advice, but always make sure the person you are giving the massage is comfortable and not in any pain from what you're doing.

Back massages are very popular so let's cover some basic instructions and procedures for doing them. You should find a comfortable bed or table where your recipient can lay face down. A towel or pillow may be helpful for resting their head and neck. Put some lubricant or massage oil onto their back, and then rub down their back with both of your hands. Rub your hands down their back with a firm, gentle force and then rub your hands back up towards their neck area. For the shoulders, mid-back and buttocks areas you can use a "kneading" technique which will help to loosen up any tight muscles. Use your thumbs or fingers to work out any knots or other troublesome areas you might come across in the back, shoulders or neck area. Using simple circular motions to rub the person's back can also be quite effective to relax them.

Most importantly, make sure to go rather easy when performing a massage. The idea is to relieve muscle tension and stress, not hurt the recipient. Massage experts and professionals recommend paying attention to how your feeet are positioned. The position of your feet can help when performing the rubbing techniques to give more power to your hands for the rubdown. There are many people out there who claim they enjoy giving massages and are good at it, but nothing will beat one given by a true expert or massage professional.

By using the simple, easy-to-apply techniques above you can give your friend, family or loved one a very relaxing and helpful massage. You might also consider using a electronic massage tool or specially-designed chairs or chair massagers. However, if someone requires more therapeutic massages for back pain or other ailments, it may be best for them to consult with and see a true professional.