I have learned a lot since I quit my 9-5 job and entered the world as a full time web content writer. Here are some of the things I have learned about working for myself from home.

Discipline as a Writer

As a person who now writes full time I have had to remember discipline. When I can easily whip out $40.00 in 3-4 hours I often want to quit working for the day. My previous job paid me $7.25 an hour, so when I can bust out $40.00 in 3-4 hours I feel pretty good about it. I need to keep writing each day so I can earn more.

I earn $40.00 or so and then I also have my Google Adsense income but I need to keep writing more. If I put in a solid 8 hours each day of actual writing and research I could easily make much more money. I need to get more disciplined as a writer and write even more.

Freedom As a Writer

In some ways I have much more freedom. I can make my own schedule and work when I want to. I can go the football games on Friday without arranging to get someone to work for me. If I want to work a few hours in the morning and then a few more late at night then I can with no problems.

I also have a lack of freedom. Writing for upfront money is my priority as that is how I pay the bills. Many times I want to write for InfoBarrel to build my residual income to higher levels but I cannot. I must focus more on upfront payments and then fit InfoBarrel in.

I have more freedom in my life but when writing I actually have less freedom as I have to write for my clients for upfront pay and do not get to choose as many topics as I would like.

Motivation As a Writer

Some days it is hard to get motivated to stay focused on writing. On other days I cannot be stopped. My motivation levels will drastically increase when I listen to music while I write and research.

Troubleshooting as a Writer

If a problem occurs then I need to troubleshoot it. If one client does not have as much work then I need to hustle up work elsewhere.

Focus on Writing

I need to focus on writing what is in front of me. I have learned that if I put down a strategy for the following day I tend to do better. I write down my "to do" list for the following day and then use it as a map to guide me through my day. I know that when I complete my list I am done working for the day. If I can do my list in 5 hours then I will have more time writing for InfoBarrel. If I take 10 hours then so be it.

By using a list I know exactly what I need to do. The faster I write then the faster I am done with my work for the day.

Incorporating for a Writer

I am very familiar with the benefits of incorporating a business, even if it is a small one. I will soon be setting up a Corporation so I can shelter my assets and use the tax benefits. For some writers a Corporation may not be the best way to about it but for my situation a Corporation is the right choice.

Be an Opportunistic Writer

As I discover more writing opportunities it also opens up other avenues of potential income. I have learned a lot. When you goal is to build up residual income then you need to keep your eyes open for additional opportunities to build up you income level.

You additional opportunities may come in the form of writing an EBook, affiliate marketing, starting a forum, or anything else. If you can use some of the money you earn as a writer and reinvest it into other opportunities then you can make even more money.

It is common for people to use strategies outline in the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" such as spending your money wisely. If you buy stuff such as rental properties then your money will actually be working to make you more money. Writers can do the same thing.

I have discovered through intense research some cool stuff. I will use my InfoBarrel earnings to make even more money in other opportunities. If you simply take part of your earnings and spend it on something to make more money with then you will make more in the long run.

You may decide to buy an active forum so you can increase your monthly earnings. You may decide to outsource some writing to the Philippines, you may decide to start a handful of Niche Blogs.

Regardless of what you do save your money up until the right opportunity comes along.

Do I Miss My 9-5 Job?

  • Nope.
  • No.
  • Not At All.
  • Hell No!

Pick one of the answers. I love the freedom of being a full time writer. I love talking shop with other writers. I love my work place environment.

My Work Place Environment as a Full Time freelance Web Content writer.

Most days I work from the couch or chair in my living room. I like to mix it up and you can also find me at an assortment of different "offices" I use such as McDonalds, CSI, or any place that has WIFI.

The fact I can pick when I work and where I work is awesome.

Sharing My Career as a Writer.

The way I earn money is by writing. A lot of people can earn extra money by writing. If someone I knew truly wanted me to teach them how I do it I would be glad to. The majority of people will not be interested when they learn how much work is involved.

When I see someone who has a physically hard job that they hate I always feel bad. I have been there with jobs that truly suck. These are also the people who would be the most motivated to heavily write for InfoBarrel so they could work there way out of the crappy job and write until you can earn 5000 per month on InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel Earnings

I have learned that the higher I get my InfoBarrel earnings then the less I have to write for upfront pay. The less time I have to write for up-front pay then the more time I can spend writing for InfoBarrel and increase my residual earnings.