Tanning lotion is such a great way to safely get that darker tint that we all want on our skin. It is safe because you don't have to go out into the sun for it to work. It also utilizes the chemical DHA which does not have any harmful effects. Let's explore some tips and tricks that have been proven to be useful when using this product.

If you get sunless tanning lotion then you can just rub it on and see if it works. This is so great, because even if you live in Alaska you can get some in the middle of winter, when the days are long as heck. It's the best way I know of to darken up in places where there is little daylight. It is also great just in order to stay out of the sun's UV rays. A lot of people forget about this great benefit for this skin care product, but I always remind them because cancer is a very evil thing; including of the skin.

Another tip is to not buy tanning lotion that is super expensive. You probably won't need it unless you are very picky. The best reviews lotions happen to be about $30 or under as a matter of fact. These include ones such as Jergens Natural Glow and other great buys. It shouldn't be necessary to go bankrupt trying to get a safe tan.

Remember that your sunless tan will fade after about three to five days. The way to avoid this, however, is easy: just put on more after three days. This way you will sort of keep propelling the tan on and on. Also, some lotions actually perform better this way and you need to apply them consistently a couple times before they really kick in. After that it's all downhill and you will figure out the best time schedule upon which to apply it in terms of how often.

Watch out that you don't stain your clothing. Because of all the gunk that's in these tanners, you have to be very sure it's all dried before you actually put your clothes on. If you forget then you've just cost yourself a lot of money. This is a big no-no.

Those are just some of the tips and tricks that I have to pass along to you pertaining to tanning lotion. If you implement them then I know that you'll be much better off and happy with your body.