iPod Touch

Hidden features and tips you never knew

Apple is constantly coming out with new updates and softwares for iPod Touches.  There are lots of things you would never have known about your iPod Touch.  Here are just a few:


First, your ipod touch has the ability to take a full picture of the screen at anytime.  Whether you are playing your favorite game or are wanting to save a picture from an email.  These two work a little differently from each other.  In order to save a photo from an email, safari, or anywhere else, all you have to do is place your finger on the image and hold it for a couple of seconds untill it offers you options to save.  There you go!  For example, in the photo below, there is a shot of an email with a picture in it.  If you wanted to save that photo, just hold it down and follow the onscreen instructions.

Now, in order to save an awsome shot from a game you are playing or the homescreen even, all you have to do is press the home button, and the sleep/power button at the same time.  After doing this simple task, you will then see a white flash and on later generations, hear a camera shutter. 

For both of these pictures, you just have to go to photos, and then saved photos.  There you should see the photos you have taken with the sleep/power button and the home button, and the saved photos you have saved by holding it down.


Now you have probably used your iPod for a while and even if you haven't, you will probably start to see some decrease in the batery  life pretty soon.  Some things to help maximize your ipod touch's battery potential:

One way to do this is to go into settings, then click on airplane mode whenever you aren't using the internet.  This will save the battery alot the more you use it because it automatically turns off the internet so the iPod isn't constantly searching for a service or wireless network.  

Also similar to this is the push notifications.  To change this, go into settings again.  Then click on mail.  Then Fetch New Data.  The best option here would be to turn push on or click manually.  This simply allows your ipod to stop searching for emails you might have received.  In order to check if you got mail or not, you would then have to check the mail application on the homescreen manually.  I personally don't like to constantly check my emails so I set mine to Hourly so that without going into the mail application, my iPod automatically checks at hour intervals for mail.

Another way to save your battery is to charge your battery only when it is red.  Also when you charge it from red, make sure to keep charging untill it is 100% charged.  This will help increase the battery life and not eat it away.  On top of this, one last major battery sucker is the lighting.  Go into Settings, then Brightness, then turn the brightness down as much as you like and switch Auto-Brightness to off.  This way it isn't constantly checking the lighting around the ipod to adjust to it.

I hope this helped you folks somewhat:)

If you like this, please comment and I would even be more than happy to make another article on more cool iPod Touch tips!


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