Are you afraid of exams? Are feeling difficult to pass the exams? Here are few tips for you on how to prepare for exams.

  • Have Positive Attitude: The first thing that is required for preparing for the exam is having a positive attitude. You have to feel that you can do it. If you feel that you can not pass the examinations your preparations will loss the desired concentration. Remember that there are students like you who not only pass but manage good marks.
  • Keep your mind Cool and Study when your mind is cool: If you or your mind is tired, your absorption will be very low. Control emotions and keep your mind cool. Make a time table for studying. Allocate maximum time when your mind is fresh. And keep yourself away from all disturbances.
  • Avoid interferences: A major obstruction these days with many students interested in watching cricket. They give more priority to watching cricket or other sports over their studies. Your immediate goal is to pass examination. Going out for long hours, Movies, watching television etc. can be postponed to the time after examinations. Now you must concentrate only on study, study and study.
  • Take short breaks in-between: All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Although interferences should be avoided, planned breaks are required for better absorption. Breaks should be short and followed by rigorous study efforts. Have a short walk or have a brief conversation with your family.
  • Use your hand: If you only read the study material, you will good at reading back. Your examinations are not of viva-voce type. You have to actually write answers in examinations. Thus how you have to prepare for exams by writing what you read and understood. Prepare notes or write answers to the questions that have been asked in earlier examination papers. Compare what you have written with suggested answers or matter given in study material. In this manner you will realize your drawbacks, improve general writing ability and better prepare for the examinations.
  • Practice and revision: As in the phrase "Practice makes you perfect", repeatedly studying something over and over helps you in learning. In fact by now you should have completed whole syllabus and started the process of revision. Revision helps in memorizing as well as in better understanding of the concepts.

Lastly I would like to quote Henry Ford who said "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young". You should not limit yourselves to the examination. Have a basic desire for learning. Prepare for the examination now. But keep your mind open and receptive to the knowledge in all directions. Then only you will come out as a better individual and succeed in life.