If you want to use protein supplement to build lots of muscle then it is your duty to be vigilant to get the right and quality supplement. There are so many protein powders in the market, some of them are really good in quality and others are just crap. Thus you have to be very careful when choosing your whey protein powder.

Look for protein purity. There are lots of whey protein varieties, filtered in plenty of ways and are supposed to have certain purity. Some of these are the whey protein concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates. Not only that, each of the said concentrates has several subcategories. Pretty many!

But you need not to worry about this fancy when buying the best protein powder because the criteria you are looking for are can be found on the nutrition facts label and it will tell everything that you need to know.

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To start, you should look at the number of fat grams. Since both carbohydrates and fats factor are present, then the number of fat grams for every 25 grams of protein will tell you about the product's purity. It is much better of you look for powders ranging 2 grams or less of fat for every 25 protein gram serving. Then after doing so, look at the amount of carbos, especially for sugars.

Consult your taste and go for your favorite flavor. The taste of anything we take is important in order to avoid wasting the product. It is more okay if the whey protein you are using is just perfect in flavor. So look for that protein powder that tastes good and will has a high purity.

Again, there are varieties of flavors available and to easily decide of what flavor is the best then having prior research is of great help. In my case, I have found out that I can't go wrong with chocolate, as long as the company is good. For a couple of times, I have gotten some chocolate powders from "not so good" company and the taste is absolutely never mind.

It is fine to go for cheap, but not too cheap. Since there's a wide variety of protein purities and tastes, it also means that a wide range of prices for these products are very much available. So, don't just right away purchase for the cheapest OR the most expensive protein because you are not sure to get the best whey protein for your money.

I personally made a mistake for couple of times about choosing the cheap ones over the a little bit more expensive. In a more expensive protein, I am getting the protein that is pure, taste is good, and gives me BIG protein in a very affordable price. I usually choose to buy protein that is around 80 dollars for 150 servings (a 10 pounds bag). It means that I am getting almost as low as 50 cents per 25-gram protein serving.

Regardless of your allotted budget, taste and purity, you may want to spend more, and err on the expensive one. For me, the best whey protein powder that anyone can possibly buy will be the premium product closer to a dollar per serving, but you can assure of its great taste and ultimate purity.

Whatever you do, just don't buy the extreme range of price thinking that you will go to get the best whey protein powder. A simple reminder, the cheapest possibly tastes worse than dirt, while the expensive is extremely the overpriced and over-hyped.