Thinking about a replacement or backup laptop power supply? Did you know that you do not have to purchase you power adapter from the original manufacturer of your laptop or notebook? I don't know about you, but a few years ago I had to replace a power supply for a Lenovo laptop I owned and ended up ordering it from the original company and it cost me over $100, that was many years ago. Today however, there are so many other choices when looking to replace your power supply or even adding a backup.

Have you ever considered purchasing a refurbished power supply? Most people think refurbished means that it was originally damaged or not working properly, that's not necessarily the case. Having worked for numerous large corporations and IT shops, many of these refurbished accessories are simply turned in with used or old equipment. Many times large IT shops will simply lease or turn in their old equipment (computer hardware) as it depreciates. Often these parts are sold to online retailers or local mom and pop computer shops. This can mean real savings for you and me. So even though you find a refurbished laptop power supply online, don't be afraid to purchase it. Often times they even come with warranties.

HP Laptop Power SupplyLooking for a universal power adapter or the every in demand hp laptop power supply? Check out or some online stores, they're pretty good for having several refurbished and even new models on hand. Be sure to read the return policy however so you are sure you can return it if it doesn't work.

Now how about that universal adapter, ever thought of one of those? Check this out, these things usually come with a variety of tips that will fit almost all laptop's but most mobile devices as well. These things are getting mega cheap also! Many times cheaper than purchasing a replace power adapter made specifically for your notebook. I have one of these and use it to power my Dell Inspirion, DVD, player, and even charge my mp3 player while on the road. It works great and you can even find some for under 20 bucks!

If you're really into mobile computing, think about getting an external laptop battery. These things can be External Laptop Batterypretty expensive (anywhere from $150 to over $500) but can increase your battery life for up to 10 hours. Yeah, 10 hours! Can you believe that? It's amazing when you consider that the average mobile batter on laptops last a mere 90 minutes. Although the factory installed batteries are getting better, I don't know of any that last 10 hours. Think about it, that's longer than a standard work day. Sure they may be a little heavy (but even the technology is creating them as light as 1.6 lbs) so they wouldn't add too much weight to your laptop bag.

The main thing to consider when you're looking for a replacement laptop power supply is don't just assume you have to purchase it from the same company who made your computer/laptop. That's just not the case and it can save you a lot of money in the long run.