From sporty pickups to rugged workhorses and powerful luxury, every truck has its own personality. Highlight your truck's individual style and help it stand out in a crowd with LED bulbs, strips and lighting kits from online auto parts stores like Stylin Trucks and JC Whitney. LED--or light-emitting diode--bulbs provide very intense light over a wide area, instead of directing it at one spot like typical truck high beams. LED lights also give off very little heat, making them safe to install in most plastic automotive housings. They last years longer than regular incandescent lighting. Plus, LEDs come in a lot of different sizes, giving you more options for where to attach them.

Personal Style

You'll find a full range of colors to choose from when shopping for LED lighting for your truck. The underbody is probably the most popular place for mounting LED light strips, because it creates instant excitement. Some lighting packages can even be set to strobe, fade and scan, even set to your favorite music, like the 2.1 million tube color kit, which can be left on one color or cycle through an amazing color spectrum. You run the show with a digital control box that features multiple options.

Another way to give your truck an extra shot of cool is adding LED lights to your windshield washers and wipers. Most styles just clamp on. The same goes for your rear view, too. LED-lit license plate holders are perfect for accenting a clever, personalized plate or boosting your truck's color value. LED bulbs work great as a replacement for existing taillights, headlights and brake lights.

Added Safety

Make sure other drivers have every chance to see your brake lights come on when driving in stop-and-go traffic, fog or late at night. LED light bars give you 4 to 5 feet of additional lighting on the back of your truck. Most models are taped or bolted into place between the bottom of your tailgate and the top of the rear bumper. Connect the light bar to your truck's wiring harness to power the lights. In addition to being an attractive running light, many models can be set for use as a fourth brake light or a second turn signal.

Your safety and that of your passengers is important, too. LED running board lights illuminate your step, as well as the truck's body, for better visibility when exiting the vehicle. The same goes for LED hitch steps. Just hook one into your 2-inch hitch receiver opening and plug the lighting system into your truck's wiring harness, and you're ready to go.

Inside Player

LED lighting is not just limited to your truck's exterior though. Let your imagination be the limit when it comes to spicing up your interior with LED lighting accessories. LED strips make it easy to find your heater, radio and other controls while you're driving down dark roads, while a bright LED shifter knob easily outshines that boring basic black one.