Becoming healthier is easy provided we are prepared to put in a little bit of effort. Our own health is one of the most important things in our life! Eating healthily can improve both quality of life and longevity.

The alkaline acid diet or alkaline ash diet, often referred to simply as the alkaline diet is becoming more and more popular. The premise of the diet is that as we have moved towards industrial farming and reduced our consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, our diets have become more and more acidic producing. This is associated with a variety of negative health outcomesfrom reduced bone health to pooerer sports performance.

Followers of the alkaline diet aim to improve the pH balance of their bodies. This is achieved by eating a higher percentage of alkaline foods. The alkalinity of foods does not refer to the actual pH value of the raw food stuff. If it did, this would mean many fruits would fall into the acid category, e.g. citrus fruits. However the acid alkaline divide refers to the ash of the food once it has been processed by the body. So while an orange does have an acidic pH in its raw form, after it has been eaten, it has an overall alkalizing effect upon the body.

Following are three simple diet suggestions that may help improve the pH balance of your body. Not only that, as alkaline foods are basically fruit and vegetables, it is easy to see that eating more of them will likely make us healthier.

Make your own alkaline drinks

This may cost a bit of money if you don't already have a fruit and vegetable juicer or a blender. I personally favor juicers over blenders as they seperate the juice from the fruit and vegetable fiber. I love eating fruit however juicing allows you to drink far more servings than you would be likely to actually eat. For example, I usually have a six serving size juice every morning made up of three carrots and three oranges.

Blenders are great for bananas and avocados as they don't release much liquid if you try to juice them. One of my favorite smoothies is banana, strawberrry and soy milk.

Reduce soft drink consumption

It has been shown that drinking carbonated soft drinks can adversely affect our bone condition. So one simple step that is good for your health and can actually save you money is to substitute one can of soda per day for water.

Eat fruit snacks

Another simple tip to become healthier which helps you alkalize your body at the same time is to substitute potato chips, cookies and other snacks of poor nutritional quality for fruit. Everyone knows the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". This is not to suggest we have to be millitant in our approach and never eat cookies. Rather we can just attempt to be slightly healthier than our previous self. If you don't eat any fruit at the moment, rather than suggest you should eat five apples a day, just try and eat one. The over time it becomes easier to make further gradual changes to our diet.

Becoming healthier and improving the pH balance of our bodies is easy. It just requires us to make a bit of effort. The alkaline diet is fairly easy to follow as it is only as strict as you want it to be.

Reference: Uriel S. Barzel and Linda K. Massey Excess Dietary Protein Can Adversely Affect Bone - The Journal of Nutrition Vol. 128 No. 6 June 1998, pp. 1051-1053