Tips for Applying Eye Makeup

Many women do not know how to apply makeup, especially to the eyes. Each woman has a unique shape and color to her eyes. Therefore there are different ways to apply shadow and trim the brows. Here are some tips to follow when applying eye makeup.

Use the Right Tools

Many women use fingers to apply eye makeup, but brushes work better. There are a number of different brushes to have on hand. For instance, a flat shadow brush is ideal for applying the color over the lid. Natural hair brushes will be the softest and most useful with powders. Nylon brushes will be best for use with cream shadows. A blender brush is smaller and fuller. It is best to place shadow in the creases and to blend different colors. Finally, a liner brush is the thinnest of the brushes. It has a point and helps to apply shadow at the base of the lashes.

Eye Make-up Tips for Application

Depending on eye shape, a person will need to learn tips to create the perfect look.

Wide Set Eyes: To make eyes appear closer, it is best to apply a dark shadow to the inside corner of each eye. The color can be faded as it reaches the outside.

Close Set Eyes: To create the look of eyes farther apart, a light shadow can be applied to the inside area of each lid. A dark shadow can be used at the lash line to the outside corner.

Shaping the Brows

Properly grooming the eyebrows will create a perfect frame for the eyes. To avoid mistakes, it is best to pluck one hair at a time. It may be wise to have the brows initially shaped by a professional. It is very easy to upkeep the area after a correct shape is established.

If a woman has thin eyebrows, there is a proper way to fill them in. The first step is to outline the area with a matching pencil. The next step is to fill in with a brow powder. Using a pencil for the entire task will give an unnatural look.

Removing Eye Makeup Properly

Using an eye makeup remover is the best and safest way to remove cosmetics without causing irritation. It works well against waterproof items and is much more effective than mere soap. The proper way to use eye makeup remover is to place it on a piece of cotton or sponge and sweep it over the entire eye area.

Eye makeup remover provides other benefits as well. Some products contain soothing ingredients which condition the area. This product is also meant to keep pores from becoming clogged.

After learning a few eye make-up tips, a woman will comprehend how to keep eyes looking their best. Using the correct tools and colors will help to achieve this goal. To remove makeup, there are special products that do not irritate the eyes and bring other skin benefits. Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, it is essential to keep them looking great.