In nursing homes and hospitals, patients often need assistance in performing daily living tasks such as bathing, grooming and moving around. Providing this assistance is the responsibility of a certified nurse aide (CNA) who helps the patient with any task they need to complete. With the job opportunities for nurse aides expected to grow 19 percent between 2008 and 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, anyone can join this profession, even from the comfort of their own home, by learning how to become a certified nursing assistant online.

Find an online program. Check with local community colleges, healthcare facilities and technical schools to learn if they have any online classes to become a certified nursing assistant. Contact your state health department or nursing licensing division to obtain a list of upcoming CNA classes across the state including those offered online. Since clinicals or labs must be done in person, make sure that you are able to attend when they are scheduled unless they are individually arranged with your instructor.

Enroll in the nurse aide class. Register for the class by completing an enrollment form and paying the tuition costs for the class. Check that your computer meets the minimum requirements for an online nurse aide course including specific software programs. Purchase your books and any other supplies you need such as scrubs or a gait belt.

Attend class online. Review the syllabus posted by your instructor to your online classroom to learn about the expectations for the class as well as deadlines for assignments and tests. Complete readings in your book as assigned, and submit tests and assignments before their due date. Practice some of the techniques and tasks being learned in class in your own home such as how to make a bed or take someone's pulse.

Complete labs and clinicals. Use these opportunities to practice what you learned in the online class with actual patients in a nursing home or lab setting. Help patients with a variety of different tasks to gain the most experience possible during this clinical practice. Ask your instructor any questions you have during lab or clinicals since he or she is on-site with you.

Pass the certification exam. Register with your state nurse aide licensing division to take the certification exam. Take the exam in person at an approved testing location. Receive your certification card in the mail a few weeks after the exam and begin working as a certified nursing assistant.