Tips for New Vegetarians

Enjoying a Vegetarian Diet

Whether you're giving up meat for health reasons or for moral ones, you are in for a culinary journey sometimes fraught with peril because it can be hard to break a habit if you've been eating meat for years. Follow my tips below to start enjoying vegetarian diet:

  • When deciding to go vegetarian, it helps for you to commit to how strict a vegetarian youTips for Becoming a Vegetarian will be. Are you only giving up meat or are you also giving up fish and poultry? What about eggs? Dairy? Decide and then commit.
  • Make sure to add grains to your diet. Beans coupled with grains makes a complete protein.  Grains will also fill you up and provide variety to your diet.
  • Just like when you were a meat eater, snacks will satisfy you between meals. Vegetarians can snack on seeds and nuts. In particular, nuts are satisfying because most contain proteins and healthy fats.
  • This shouldn't surprise you but most vegetarians eat vegetables. Make sure you get your veggies in because they will provide you with important nutrients your body needs as well as the all-important fiber to help with elimination.
  • Enjoy your legumes. Beans are great protein source and they tend to take on the flavor ofSoy Milk and Soy BeansCredit: whatever you're cooking them with. They're very adaptable.
  • Don't forget to drink tons of water. But you probably know that meat eaters as well as vegetarians should be getting in their water every day in order to stay healthy.
  • While vegetarians don't have to stay away from processed foods, they should make sure to they check the labels so that they aren't inadvertently eating something that they've eliminated from their diet. Be discerning about the processed foods you eat.
  • Figure out in advance which restaurants you can eat at. Try to plan ahead so that you're never in a situation where you have to compromise the vegetarian way that you've committed to.
  • Sometimes when you're trying a new eating plan it's easy to fall into a rut and it can jeopardize your commitment to being a vegetarian. Be sure to try new recipes, check out cookbooks from the library, buy great vegetarian cookbooks or surf online for recipes. Surround yourself with wonderful vegetarian recipes.
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Becoming a vegetarian can be exciting if you keep all of the above points in mind and truly dedicate yourself to it. While going vegetarian can be challenging, the journey will be fulfilling and you will be healthier as you go along. Here's to a vegetarian lifestyle!

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