Notebook (26714)

Buying new notebook is an easy job, but choosing what type of notebook that matches with your needs and budget is not an easy job. There are many notebook brands and types. You can go wrong if you do not research what you buy first.

Following are some questions before you buy new notebook.

1. What will you do with your notebook? This is first question you should answer. You should decide, for what you buy new notebook. Is it for your daily working, for gaming, or just for fun like watching movie? What application or software will you open frequently? Will you often travel with this notebook? You should answer those questions first before decide to buy new notebook.

2. Determine your budget. How much budget do you prepare for this notebook? Answering this question will help you find the right notebook for the budget.

After you answer above questions, you can research what notebook that fits with your budget and your needs. You can read reviews from internet or magazines. Ask your geek friend what notebook is good for you.

Here some hardware you should consider when choosing new notebook:

1. Processor. Processor is the main part of computer. It is the place where all information is processed. If you want to use the notebook for gaming, graphic design, or video editing, it is better to choose latest technology such as four-core processor like core i7 or core i5. If you use it for working and running standard office applications, it is better to buy standard technology such as dual core 2 duo.

2. LCD Screen. If you will travel with this notebook often, it is better to buy small LCD screen such as 14-inch screen or smaller. Small LCD screen usually compact and lighter to carry. If you use the notebook for graphic design, video editing, gaming, or watching movie, it is better to choose larger and wider LCD screen such as 15-inch or 17-inch.

3. VGA. VGA is a place where the graphic and display information is processed. Choose 3D VGA if you want to use the notebook for gaming or video editing. Choose standard VGA if you just want to run office applications.

4. Memory. Notebook with 8 GB or 16 GB memory is good for gaming or video editing. It is enough using 2GB or 4GB memory to run standard office applications.

5. Hard drive. This device is a place where your data, music files, videos, images, documents, and your work is saved. The more space the more files you can save. For standard office purposes, 160GB or 320 GB space is enough. For gaming or video editing you need minimal 500GB space.

6. Warranty. It is important thing that often be neglected. Choose brand that guarantees your notebook minimum a year. Longer warranty is better. It is better to choose brand that offers extended warranty.

Those are some tips for buying new notebooks. It is better researching before you buy than regret at the end.