Pop up trailer campers: used or new, these tips will help you choose the best camping trailer for you.

pop up trailer campers


Pop up trailer campers, or pop up camping tent trailers, are an inexpensive upgrade from tent camping that offer many conveniences. When lowered, the condensed size allows for easier towing than a standard camping trailer. You don’t usually have to worry if your trailer will fit into a camping spot. And pop up trailer campers allow you to have much of your camping gear always packed up and ready to go, saving hours when getting ready to go camping.

The camping business recognizes the popularity of these small and convenient campers giving campers plenty to choose from. Many purchase these travel trailers used,  which can prove to be a big bargain as many have often only been used a couple of times. Whether buying new or used, you do want to be sure you are buying a pop up tent camper that will camping a more enjoyable experience rather than a purchase your regret. 


Decide your budget first. The cost of pop up tent trailers can range for a few hundred dollars for a used one to over $10,000 for a shiny new one with all the bells and whistles. You’ll need to know your cost limit to start a search.

Basic Features

Make a list of what basic features you must have in a tent trailer. List how many beds you need, what size beds, and whether or not you need a full kitchen or a bathroom. Especially if you are camping with kids, consider  how you will all fit into the tent trailer at night. Other options include extra cargo space on the outside of the camper with can make packing your luggage, coolers, and bikes especially quick and easy. Keep in mind, the more features and accessories the tent trailer has, the higher the cost.

Also, decide if you want a camper with canvas walls or hard sided. Canvas top tent trailers are more common, and less costly to repair. Hard sided may resist damage better but will be more costly to repair.


Know the towing capacity of your vehicle; don’t buy a tent trailer to heavy for your car to tow. Smaller tent trailers can be towed by most any car.


Decide if you want brakes on the tent trailer. Small lightweight pop up trailer campers come without breaks, which lowers your overall maintenance cost, but the trailer will be small. Medium to large size campers will have brakes. However, brake problems are a common mechanical problem. 

Buying Used

Inspect the tent trailer carefully if you are buying used. Important things to look for are evidence of mold and the condition of the canvas. Open cabinets and look under mattress and seat cushions for signs of mold or rodent activity. Test the lights and any other electronics in the camper. Also unzip and zip the windows—another feature you want to work.

Know How to Set the Camper Up

Test the operation of the trailer by setting it up and taking it down before you buy. You want to know that it is operational and easy enough to figure out. This is especially important if you are buying used.