Solar-powered patio lights have come a long way in the last few years.  Just a few years ago, solar landscaping lights were bulky, unattractive and of low quality.  But today, it’s a different story.  You can find high-quality outdoor solar lights in a variety of shapes and sizes at almost any home improvement or big-box store.

With all of the beautiful varieties available, homeowners can now illuminate their driveways, pathways, gardens, pools, and sidewalks with energy-saving solar lighting.

Here are a few tips for buying solar patio lights:

  • Make sure you are buying your solar lights for an area that is in the path of direct sunlight.  Without the power of the sun to recharge them, your patio lights will be useless to you.
  • Buy several at once.  Obviously, electric lights will be more powerful so you may be disappointed if you only buy a couple of solar lights at a time.  Buy enough for your entire project so you can benefit from your lights right away.
  • Inspect your lights.  Ideally, solar lighting is manufactured to be weather-resistant.  But it pays to inspect the housing elements anyway to be sure that they are sealed to keep moisture out.  
  • Pay a little more.  Don’t look for a bargain when shopping for outdoor solar lights.  Sturdy, well-made products will cost a little more, but they will also far outlast cheaper versions.
  • Check the storage capacity.  Depending on the solar cells in the light, different solar lights have varying capacities for energy which means some will stay lit longer than others.  Ideally, you want lights that charge during the day and shine the whole night through. 

If you are not already using solar outdoor lighting in your yard or patio, you should follow these tips and give them a try.  Solar patio lights are a beautiful and stylish solution to all of your outdoor lighting needs. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also versatile, easy to install, and environmentally-friendly. If you can't afford full solar power in your house then these beautiful options are a great way to help green up the world!

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