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So you have been to the dealership, seen the car you want to buy, had your loan approved and now you wish to put pen to paper. But wait a minute! Is that all there is to buying a new vehicle? There are many considerations to make when purchasing a new auto and one of the most important is to ask the right questions before sealing the deal.

Most tips for buying a auto will not lay must emphasis on the question part but believe you me, it is as important. In the quest to help you make an informed buying option, here are six questions you should ask before buying a car.

6 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Car

1. Does the Car Have Additional Fees?...Yes, you may pay for the auto fully at the dealership whether through financing or as a one payment. You should always ask if the vehicle will have more charges after you have left the dealership. It almost goes without saying that you will pay additional charges such as sales tax and documentation fees, but some dealers will tag fees that are unnecessary and illegal. These illegal costs are a tactic of increasing the dealer’s profit, and one of the new car buying tips is asking about such fees and avoiding them way in advance.

2. Is the Documentation Fee Manageable?... Now that you know you are almost certainly going to pay for the documentation fees ask yourself, how much are these fees? The dealers tend to overcharge you for documentation, and that is not right. Remember documentation involves charging you for filling the contract. Seek to know the figure and negotiate it to the lowest amount possible and therein lies the second of the many car buying tips you should know.

3. Are There Additional Features on the Car?... There are options that are fitted to the car, but some dealers add more features on the car so as to hike the price. Such features include alarms, tint on the windows, recovery systems, and music systems. In most cases, dealers increase the rate based on these “add-ons” without telling the client who only knows about them after going through the contract.

While some of these add-ons are beneficial, it is only fair if the dealer notifies you about them in advance. If he doesn’t, ask for them knowing that they are profit points and negotiate on the price. Remember this tip for saving on new car can save you hundreds!

Test drive new carCredit: Can I Take a Test Drive?... One of the tips for buying a car that you should never ignore is the need to go take a test drive. Most buyers are exhilarated by the thought of owning a car that they forget to ask for test drive. You need to feel the car before paying for it. As a matter of fact, this falls on the car buying money saving tips as well. While most dealers will allow that you take a test drive, some won’t and it is upon you to ask for it.

5. Can Get the Spares Parts Easily?... Buying a car is one thing, maintaining it is entirely different. Some models won’t sell as many units because their spare parts are not readily available. Remember that the availability of spare parts or lack of it is what ultimately determines the maintenance costs of the car. If the spare parts are not available easily ask for the nearest dealer where you can get them. You may consider changing the dealer and buy from the one that is near your home. This is not one of the most mentioned tips on buying a new car but is imperative nonetheless.

6. What is the Resale Value?... Unless you want to buy a car as a memento, you need to be aware of the fact that you will need to sell it at some point in the future. Some cars, more so the high-end cars don’t attract such a high resale value. While you will have to sell the car at a reduced price, you need to ask how much the car would have lost in 3 to 4 years in terms of value. This is one of those tips for buying a new car that will help you obtain the ideal model.

There is more to buying a car than just making the payments as these tips for buying a car have revealed. The next time you head to the dealership, ask all the right questions as they will help get closer to what you want.