I am convinced, video games as a medium have increased dramatically in popularity over the past couple of decades. But for newcomers it can be a daunting choice, especially if you are a parent looking to buy action games as presents for your children. After all, Christmas is fast approaching.

So how, does a parent or bemused relative start when looking at games? It can be extremely difficult to choose, as you will personally have very little to go on. Unless you happen to have a close friend or relative into video gaming, you will have to rely on the knowledge of store assistants and the like when choosing a present. However all is not lost.

Why action games make the best video games

A lot of people into gaming have noted, how the majority of games are action. Whether or not this is a good thing has been the subject of debate; however what is clear is that action games sell. Why? Because they are popular, due to their huge interactive nature.

Especially if you are buying for a younger child or teenager, you can be sure that an action game will go down well. They present a lot of challenge and stimulation, whilst truly immersing the player in whatever environment the game is based in. But how do you choose?

Narrowing down the choice

One of the first things you can do to narrow down your present choice is to simply ask the intended recipient of the game. This can sometimes be difficult though, especially if you want it to be a surprise about what exactly you are getting.

Information that can hopefully be obtained easily is what type of games console they have. Do they primarily use a computer when playing video games? If so, then you know that you should go for a version which will work on a laptop or the like.

Surprisingly, this can limit your choice a fair bit. Typically action games are ubiquitous on either the PS3 or Xbox 360, because you will have a far easier choice if the person you are buying for owns a Wii. So how to choose after finding out the platform?

Game reviews

As with any other form of media – be it books, films, music or something else – there are plenty of video game reviews out there. You will often find websites entirely dedicated to the reviewing and playing of video games, and this can make your life considerably easier.

There are a lot of resources out there, and by simply browsing a few websites you should be able to have a far easier choice. Simply take a look through, and you should easily be able to distinguish a few features just by taking a quick glance at any particular review.

The date of submission will obviously tell you how new the game is – often the games that a player will want will be those that they have anticipated for months and that have just come out, unfortunately these tend to be the most expensive.

The greatest, video games review sites will also score the game – either out of 5, 10 or as a percentage – and this can allow you to gauge the quality of the game you are looking at. If it is up there in the 8/10 and upwards group, you know that it is going to be a good game, which will be enjoyed.

After all, action games can become incredibly enthralling very quickly, even if they haven’t been played before, making your choice far easier.