If you own or want to start an online jewelry business, finding the right wholesale bead suppliers is key to being able to price your products competitively without losing in quality. There are many different bead suppliers for making jewelry that can easily be discovered with a simple Google search, but the problem lies on telling the good ones from the overpriced or downright illegitimate. Consider looking at the following before making a purchase:

Supplier Reputation

The first thing you absolutely must do before placing a large wholesale order with a new bead jewelry supplier is make sure they are a legitimate business. While wholesale and jewelry forums are a great place to research a potential provider, don’t forget the old fashioned way of checking with your local business bureau about potential reports and complaints when possible. If you aren’t sure about a particular supplier and you haven’t been able to verify that they are indeed a company you may want to test them with a small order, instead of risking large amounts of money.

Buying Jewelry Beads Wholesale

Pricing and Minimum Order

Check out the average price of the beads you plan on using, not just all the beads offered on the website. Sometimes bead suppliers use a few heavily discounted items to draw the attention of potential buyers, but the rest of their products are not so competitively priced. Most jewelry makers end up purchasing their beads and supplies from different wholesale jewelry suppliers, but that depends on how much the minimum order is in order to be offered wholesale prices instead of retail. If you are just starting it’s often better to restrict yourself to using only a few different types of beads across all your stock, so you can purchase larger quantities without wasting your money.

Customer Service

Before spending a lot of money ordering jewelry supplies wholesale from a new provider, make sure to contact their customer service and see how responsive they are. Most legitimate bead jewelry suppliers will have a phone number you can call if there’s a problem with your order, but some not so legitimate ones will also place a number of their website that isn’t active. So it’s worth calling before placing your order, just to reassure yourself that the number works and customer service is satisfactory. There’s nothing more frustrating that receiving the wrong set of beads, and having to spend a week losing clients until somebody answers your emails about it.

If you are just starting selling jewelry online, taking time to select a reliable and reasonably priced bead supplier for making jewelry can save lots of money and headaches in the long run. Buying jewelry bead supplies from many different places may be useful to get the best prices, but can also become a nightmare in terms of organization and you may find yourself unable to place an order because you can't reach minimum amounts, or you may find that having to pay delivery costs several times reduces your margins. It's often more practical to limit yourself to one or two wholesale jewelry suppliers at first, until you can estimate accurately your stock requirements.