Are you looking for a place to write content articles? Are you trying to decide which place would be the best writing site for your articles? Here are some guidelines in choosing a writing site for your articles.


Make sure the site you’re considering has clear guidelines. If the guidelines need to be updated it should be posted in the forums so all members can review it. Guidelines should never be a guessing game. In choosing a writing site, make sure the guidelines are not vague.

Rules should be clear and precise from the start. You should not have to track them in forums. They should be stated in a section for all new members to read.

There should be no double standards by the site. If a format is expected of one member, it should be expected by all. If you come across this type of site while choosing a writing site think twice before signing up. Double standard only means they probably won’t keep their word in other areas.

Concerning your article copyrights, you should find clearly who will own the copyright once you publish them on the site. If you want to retain all rights, make sure it is clearly stated somewhere in the guidelines. If you don’t see it, email a moderator for the site.

You should be highly concerned if the site does not clearly state how much money you make on the revenue that your articles will generate. If they are not clear on this, it is probably because it is to their own benefit. Stay clear of sites like these when choosing a writing site.

Sneakiness and underhandedness by stealing revenue from writers or members, unfortunately, cannot be foreseen ahead of time. There is one way to catch it before you begin writing for a site. If they have forums and you may have to sign up first to view them, you can scan the forums to see what the members and other writers are saying about the site. Do this for a couple of days. Some sites may delete negative comments about their site to protect themselves.

You can also just ask other writers what they think of the site and how they treat the members before choosing to write for them. They will be honest with you most of the time.


One last important item to look at while you’re in the forums is, if the site has a lot of bugs that come with publishing. Bugs aren’t a problem if they fix them in a prompt manner. If the site doesn’t fix them, you will read the evidence of it in the forums. These kinds of issues are a distraction to the writer. They also cause loss of revenue to the writer.




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