The family room is a place for everyone to gather. It's typically a lot less formal than the living room. It might even do double duty as your kids play room. Since it's a room for the entire family then everyone should love the decor right? This is really difficult to manage sometimes but here are a few tips for choosing family room paint colors that the whole family will actually like.

Liven up those plain white walls. White isn't a terrible paint color for a family room. In new homes these spaces often have vaulted ceilings which means painting is more expensive and less fun. You can work with your existing builder's beige to create a room that actually looks like it has been decorated.

Take turns rotating out accent colors. This will add interest to an all white space. Plus, one of your kids might want purple and the other one wants red. You can make the changes easily just with a few throw pillows and curtains. Plus, this will also help you to coordinate with the seasons and holidays. You'll also be able to get your kids in on the design. When they take pride in the way the room looks they'll be more likely to help keep it clean.

Choose a gender neutral color. You don't want your decorating to turn into a war. The boys in the family might want a color palette based off their favorite football team and the girls want to turn it into a princess inspired space. You need to find colors that everyone will like which will also create a more useable space. Your kids might be set on different colors so teach them about design. Pull out a color wheel or just a fan deck of paint colors and let them see the hundreds of options available in each color.

If you can't agree on a color then go with a neutral. These include lots of different shades or white, taupe, black, gray and brown. You can even work with green as a neutral color. The kids can always paint their own artwork to hang on the walls and get all of their favorite colors into the space.

Make it work with the rest of the house. In a lot of modern floor plans the family room is right off the kitchen. This forms a large room and you might think that you can paint each space separately. You can use molding or colors to divide up the room and give you a starting a stopping point for the color. You need to closely consider what is going on in the adjacent room. You could even try a reverse color palette. If you have white walls and orange tile in the kitchen switch it up in the family room with rust walls and white accessories for a coordinating color palette that is still interesting.

Family room paint colors allow you to decorate inexpensively and create a space where everyone will want to be. This is probably the room where you watch TV or work on homework. Make sure that it's inviting without being overpowering.