Whether you are doing a complete remodel or just a few Do-it-yourself projects kitchen color schemes can affect every purchase you make. It's not enough to just head to the hardware store and pick a lot of different materials you want. Sure, you might think they are all beige but when you get them home they'll clash. It's important to put together an entire color palette before you make big investments so you don't end up regretting your choices.

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Pick your highest ticket items first. These include stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Then you can match the flooring and backsplash to them. If you try to base your room around a backsplash you might be disappointed. Often, when you just look at a small sample of stone, especially if it's slate you won't get an accurate feel for how your stone will actually feel in the room. Slate has lots of different blues, grays and greens in it. You might even want to take your renovation in stages so you can match the items as they are actually installed although this can take months. Natural stones have a lot of different flecks and veins in them that are perfect for inspiring paint colors and accents for a cohesive design style.

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Decide on a wood tone. Using the same stain on your furniture and cabinets can create a cohesive look. It allows you to tie a dining room and kitchen combo in with the family room and any other areas in the house that the room is open to. You might not think that you need a stain color. Even if you have painted cabinets there is usually some wood element in the room. This could be ceiling beams for a Tuscan or rustic design. Also, it's popular to add in wood or laminate flooring in with painted elements; even if it's bamboo. Just make sure that besides looking great it's actually functional for your life style.

Different stain colors will create a different feeling. Mahogany is warm, rich and elegant. Lighter to medium tones are casual and go for any look from cottage to contemporary to beachy if the wood is really bleached and light. If you want a contemporary or modern space then pick really deep stain colors like chocolate brown or ebony to create a high contrast look.

Neutral colors will be much more dramatic if you go with darker tones. This could be either on your cabinet colors or walls. It will actually be more of a neutral look if you use it on your actual cabinet color even if it may take up more visual space. If you can't afford real wood cabinets then just paint them a dark chocolate brown. Then use other neutral wood tones and bolder red and purple accent colors.

Another color you'll need to pick for your kitchen color scheme is your metal color. This will show up on appliances, drawer pulls, light fixtures and even tiles. A lot of glass mosaic tiles have flecks of a metal color in them. Oil rubbed bronze is a popular finish and you can match it with copper for warm tones that are perfect in a Tuscan, traditional or elegant space. Stainless steel is more of a cool design that is perfect for a modern or contemporary design.

Kitchen color schemes can make your room feel elegant, modern, or bright depending on the look that you are going for. Putting a little thought into your space can ensure a successful renovation.