Pearl bridal earrings have a few places on your big day. Your husband might give them to you as a wedding present. (Yes, he already gave you an engagement ring but it's also a tradition in some parts of the country to exchange wedding gifts; so take note grooms.) It's also traditional to give your bridesmaids presents as a gift on the wedding day. This will also help your bridal party to look cohesive because they'll all be wearing the same or similar accessories. Here are a few tips for picking out these jewelry pieces whether for yourself or for someone else.

Have a common theme in mind for your bridal jewelry. Sure, it's probably the easiest to buy just an entire set. This can be expensive and you won't really be getting pieces that are unique to what you are wearing. Instead, pick out the pieces individually for more of an eclectic look.

Decide on how many pieces of jewelry you or your bridesmaids will be wearing. You might be in a situation where your neckline is so detailed that you just want to skip a necklace. You really want the focus to be on you instead of just a lot of jewelry. Pairing down your jewelry also gives you the opportunity to spend more money on the pieces you do buy such as the earrings. You can get pieces that look traditional such as a simple pair of studs or go for a Victorian look.

To go faux or not to go faux; that is the question. You can definitely get a bigger look with just white beads or faux pearls. Plus, the untrained eye won't really know the difference. This also gives you the option to explore trendier styles because you won't have to worry about getting a lot of use out of the item. It all just depends on how you feel in costume jewelry. You can always just go with a real metal like sterling silver. It will only cost a little bit more but it might make you feel like you are wearing higher end pieces.

There is one word of caution about pearl bridal earrings; make sure that they match your dress. Out of habit you might just think that pearls are white and wedding dresses are white, what's the problem? However, a lot of wedding dresses now are ivory or blush colored. If your dress is an extremely bright white than your earrings might start looking yellowish which probably isn't the look you are going for. Take a fabric sample with you when you go shopping.

Another thing you need to decide when shopping for pearl bridal jewelry is whether or not you are going to wear it again. If it's just for the main event then find over the top pieces with Hollywood glamour. You can find huge pearl chandelier and CZ earrings that will really help dress up a simple dress. You can also go with a piece that you can transition into your everyday wear. This way you can wear your sentimental pieces to get the most out of your money. This doesn't meant hat you just have to go with plain earrings. You can find modest sized drops or sterling and silver art deco inspired pieces that can also work for other occasions.

Pearl bridal earrings are the classic accessory for a wedding. It might be a piece that you'll have for years to come; but it can also express your personality.