As your big day approaches, you will need to think in more detail. One of those important details is your wedding colours! There are so many options to choose between, how do you know which is right for you? Should you opt for the colours of the season or choose something that links your cultures together?

There isn’t a wrong or right answer when it comes to wedding colours. The truth is that it is completely up to you and your partner. That doesn’t mean the choice is going to be easy though! It is important to find something that you both love so the wedding is something to remember for the good things. Here are some tips for choosing your wedding colours.

choosing your wedding colours
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Make choosing your wedding colours easy and simple

Think About the Wedding Venue

Before picking anything, think about where your wedding will be held. Some venues will already have colour and you do not want to clash with anything. While the walls will likely be neutral colours, the carpets may not and you may find that your hot pink or turquoise blue options clash with the red or patterned carpets.

Avoid settling on a wedding colour scheme until you find your venue and have a chance to look around it. Take in the surroundings and have pictures to help with your colour decisions later on.

It is also worth considering the location of the venue. If you opt for a country club, you may want to consider rustic and outdoor colours, like greens and browns, to match the scenery. If you’re using a beach house for your party, blue and water colours will work better with the location around you.

Using the Season for Your Wedding Colour Scheme

If you are struggling with choosing colours, consider the season you are getting married in. Each season has certain colours that are linked with them. For example, the winter is full of silvers, whites and creams while the summer is all about the yellow, blue and brighter colours.

There are some colours that work around the year until you start adding certain seasonal aspects. If you want to have a winter wonderland, pastel colours will be washed out and your guests will just see a wall of pale, colourless decorations. However, when used with a summer theme, the pastel colours are perfect to stand out against the deeper shades of the season.

Mixing Your Cultures Together

You could use your wedding colours to mix your cultures together. For example, you could mix bright reds with deep greens to mix the oriental and British cultures together. Think about the colours that are associated with your cultures to see whether it will work.

If the colours don’t exactly work together, you could consider a colour from one culture with a symbol or flower from the other. This would also work if your colours are the same, such a Welsh and English couple tying the knot and both having red!

Mixing the cultures together through your colour scheme is a great way to show the combination. Your guests will love to see it too, especially those who are very proud of where they come from!

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Different Colour Schemes for Different Rooms

If your wedding takes place in various venues, such as a church and then a hotel, you could look at using different wedding colour schemes. This could work if you have clashing ideas and want to use everything. The problem is that you could do too much! It is important to find a balance between the different schemes and still make it seem like the same wedding.

This will benefit from having a different function in each room. If you have multiple areas to sit during the evening event, you could give the rooms a different name that link to the wedding colours. This is another way of adding more personality to your wedding and linking your journey together to this point in with the big day.


Look Through Plenty of Wedding Magazines

Now is the time to start looking through wedding magazines. Go to the various wedding fairs in your area and check out photos online. There are plenty of wedding designers offering ideas for choosing your wedding colours and ways to integrate different cultures and ideas. While many of the ideas for these professional shoots cost a fortune, there are ways to keep the costs down to suit your own budget.

There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other weddings. This is how the majority of people create something for their big day. The trick is to taking others’ ideas and making a colour scheme that is perfect for the two of you, showing off both your personalities and making the wedding your dream.

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Take your time to look through your options and consider different ideas for your wedding colour schemes. It takes time choosing your wedding colours but it is worth it in the end. The most important thing is to talk to each other and find something that you can both agree on. This will give you a magical day to remember for all the right reasons.