If you have a newborn in the house and even older toddlers, you need to have a baby monitor. A great tool to keep your family safe, baby monitors offer a security that your family needs. This handy tool helps parents keep an ear on the baby while still getting the chores done.

Things You Will Need


Need for Baby Monitor

Step 1

Decide how far you need your baby monitor to reach. Depending on where your nursery is in the house, you may need a monitor that reaches a little bit farther than normal. Also your baby monitor can be moved around your house so you need to have a range that makes it easy to hear what's going on.

Step 2

Make sure your baby monitor has a volume adjustment that can be adjusted as necceseeary. Usually baby monitors offer several levels of sound. And if you can control the volume, that allows you to help with the kids.

Step 3

Consider purchasing a baby monitor that can offer other features to help you and your family. There are baby monitors that offer night light features and play lullabies.

Step 4

If you are looking to go high tech, get the lastest baby monitors as made the rage by Torri Spelling. These monitors are not just to hear the child but also you can watch the child in his or her room on the special camera put in the machine.

Other features you can find with the baby monitors include the room temperature, different colors, and size of the baby monitor. And your choice depends on the budget and your personal needs.

Tips & Warnings