Selling directly to your customers puts you in the driver’s seat of your business. As a direct seller, you get to decide which hours you want to work. You can also decide if you want to sell your products and services on the Internet, in person, or both. Before you rush in to joining the first direct sales company that catches your eye, you need to spend some important time investigating the business. Is the direct sales company that you are thinking about joining the right company for you?  Once you have made the decision to work as a direct seller, you need to thoroughly investigate your options. Here are some things you need to consider before joining an already established direct sales business:

Your goals

Many times, people will jump into joining a direct sales network marketing company solely because of the compensation plan. Of course, you want to be paid well for your time representing a product line.  However, you will only do well selling the products and services if you actually believe in the product line and use it yourself. More importantly, your goals need to be in line with the company’s goals. Avoid joining a direct sales network marketing company only for the payout structure. Instead, you need to choose a direct sales business that compliments what you are already doing or plan on doing for a career so that you can sell the product line to your already established customer base. For example, if you work as an image consultant it would make sense to join a direct sales business that markets jewelry and fashion accessories.

Product quality

As a business owner, you need to be one of your best customers and have very good knowledge of how your products and services work before you can confidently sell them to other people. How embarrassed would you be if you received a lot of complaints about the products or services you represent from your personal customers? You would probably re-think representing a product line that isn’t up to your personal standards. Always remember that no one makes money in direct sales until someone buys something.  You will not earn money in direct sales until you sell something.  It does not matter how good a company’s compensation plan is because you will not have consistent sales if the product quality is poor. 

Company values

Mary Kay Ash, the late founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc., started her business to give women the opportunities that she felt were not available to them in 1963 when the company was founded. Ash told her independent beauty consultants that she wanted them to be able to be in business for themselves so that their priorities could be to put their faith in first place, their family second, and their career in third place. A business’ values affect everyone involved in the business. People thrive when they feel appreciated. You will most likely not want to work to build a direct sales business if the company’s corporate team does not show appreciation to you, the rest of the sales force, and the customers. Make sure that the company’s values are ones that you feel comfortable with, especially if you plan to build and train a successful sales team within the organization.


It is no secret to most long-time direct sellers that most direct sales companies deliberately choose not to pay a lot of money for advertising.  One of the reasons why these businesses prefer paying independent consultants a larger commission is because the cost of operating a traditional retail business is much more expensive than it is to pay consultants to sell the products and services directly to consumers. However, you will need appropriate promotional materials to give to your customers. Be sure to examine the direct sales company’s consultant costs before joining. As an independent consultant, you will be front and center showcasing the brand, and you need appropriate marketing tools like catalogs and a website in order represent the company to the best of your ability. If you feel that the consultant costs are unreasonable, don’t join the company.

After taking all of these different factors in to consideration, you can make a better decision about who to join forces with and where to invest your time and money. Your time is valuable and if you want to become a business owner then it is worth your time to investigate whether or not a company would be a good fit for you. Talk to different people who work in the industry so that you can figure out what resonates with you. While there is a learning curve in direct sales just like there is in any industry, the company you choose to join should be one that feels natural to you and it should be one in which you are proud to represent the products and show other people how to do the same.