Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Are you looking for an air conditioner that can be installed with greater ease and practicality?  Do you also want a unit that is able to function with more efficiency than your current central AC system?  Many choices are available, but portable ACs are becoming more and more popular right now!  What specific benefits do they offer?  Why should you choose them over other alternatives?

Portable AC units are also commonly known as "mobile AC units," as they may be carried, moved, or reinstalled with great ease, even more so than window air conditioner units.  Users may move them from room to room inside our homes very easily and practically.  We do not need to bear the additional costs associated with central AC system installations.

They are the ideal choice for those who reside in compact apartments or where any available space is so precious that you cannot find a large enough area to accommodate the installation of a window or central AC unit.  Many homeowners also use these units to supplement their existing central AC systems.  All in all, portable units are an excellent idea if you want to keep a lid on your energy costs.

Other things you must know about portable air conditioning units:

1.  Selecting the right size is very important. Proper size selection is necessary to ensure maximum operating efficiency.  Many people believe that "bigger is always better," but this is absolutely wrong when it comes to portable ACs.  Avoid over sizing and under sizing!  The unit's size should match the area of the room.  Popular sizes include:  5000-BTUs; 7000-BTUs; 14000-BTUs; and, 60000-BTUs.

2.  Noise is the main drawback of these units.  Nowadays, however, many split-design models are available that operate with a lower level of sound output.

3.  Pay attention to draining issues. As with other general air conditioners, they generate a certain volume of water that is typically used to cool the actual unit, while the excess must be manually removed.  If you want a more practical option, then portable units that have "automatic evaporative technology" are strongly recommended.  Such models are generally capable of automatically draining away the rest of the water condensation.

4.   There are two main hose mechanism formats.  They are:  "air to air" and "mono-block hose."  If you prefer using a unit that is able to run continuously without the need for human intervention to perform moisture removal, then a unit that features "air to air" is most advisable.

Portable Air Conditioner

This is what a typical portable ac looks like.

How to Choose a Portable Air Conditioner
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Tips for Finding a Portable Air Conditioner